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Friday, 7 February 2014

Liturgical celebration on the 5th anniversary of enthronement of Patriarch Kirill

An extraordinary liturgical celebration was held in Moscow on February 1st. Please see the link for further photos. It would be well advised for the Catholic Church to take note of maintaining, and returning to traditional liturgical practice. 

Significantly, following the Divine Liturgy the presidential envoy addressed the Patriarch as follows. It may well be this potential for growth between the Russian State and the Church that is a major factor in the virulent campaign against the very mild Russian law against homosexual propaganda for minors. Secularism, is now the established official dogma in western Europe and most of the English speaking world. The Catholic Church should take note accordingly, and choose Her allies likewise. 

Mr. A. Beglov, presidential envoy for the Central Federal Region, conveyed to Patriarch Kirill congratulations from President Vladimir Putin.
Speaking in response, Patriarch Kirill said, “I value the opportunity for conducting a benevolent, calm and realistic dialogue with the authorities. Thanks to this dialogue, the spiritual and moral mission of the Church is realized today in concrete joint projects in education, pastoral work with those who need support, be it children, the disabled, the sick, inmates of penitentiaries or the military. The state and the Church maintain a certain internal autonomy from each other, which the legal language calls separation of the Church from the state. At the same time, our people and the Church are not separated from each other”.

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