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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

UN report on sexual abuse by clergy is being used as a cover to attack the Church

The United Nations is not an organization that considers truth important. The organization, in its fundamental documents places truth outside consideration, and enshrines "liberty" as the great human "right". The UN simply does not understand that true liberty is based on truth. Without truth, liberty quickly turns to license. So much for the background of the organization that has just humiliated the Catholic Church before the entire world. 

Back in the 1990s the Catholic Church signed off on the very questionable "rights of the child". In doing so, the Roman authorities thought they could sup with the devil, yet leave before "dessert" was served. Sadly this is not the case. 

The most recent UN report on child sexual abuse is disconcerting. The Roman authorities are caught out by a secular authority in hiding and covering up for numerous clergy who are abusers. Fair enough. Readers of this blog are by now well aware of (e.g.) the ongoing efforts by Scottish churchmen to coverup decades of abuse and homosexual activity by clergy. 

At the same time we should realize that there is a natural human tendency to cover up scandal; especially if it is our own backyard, and will cost us something personally. And this natural tendency at the parish level perpetuates itself at the diocesan level; and so on. This does not excuse coverup; it only suggests how human weakness feeds the mentality of coverup. The UN itself, rife with scandal, corruption, criminal activity (c.f. UN troops committing rape in Africa) etc. too indulges in manifest coverup. 

A serious issue stemming from the UN report, is its own paedophilia, in promoting certain illicit and intrinsically immoral sexual practices for children; insisting the Catholic Church take up the promotion of abortion, birth control, homosexual activity and so on. As I mentioned, the UN has no conception of truth; this report being used to openly attack the Church's right to proclaim the Gospel. 

"abusers.... transferred from parish to parish..."

UN requests the Catholic Church to promote homosexuality

UN requests the Catholic Church to promote birth control and abortion

UN requests the Catholic Church to change education to promote
philosophies on sexuality incompatible with the Gospels


Lawrence and Susan Fox said...

You are right. For the UN to admonish the Vatican is like the wicked pedophile uncle to suggest he baby sit the children! What the UN is doing is trying to whip up sentiment against the Vatican to unseat them from the UN as the Vatican is the only body standing between the liberals running the UN and an international right to abortion! And that, my friends, is the ultimate form of child abuse. God bless you. Susan Fox.

Barona said...

"oil for food"..... just one example ... also, for a brief introduction to UN corruption see:

Child abuse is perhaps a better term as it also encompasses paedophila, of which, implicitly, the UN opens the door on with its "sex education" etc. My point being what they accuse a few rogue priests of, they promote as policy.

See also re: UN sex crimes by troops;