Wednesday, 9 December 2020

BREAKING: Toronto church sues Government asking for "equality under the law". WILL YOU JOIN THIS ACTION, CARDINAL COLLINS?


A Toronto ecclesial community, the "Toronto International Celebration Church" has filed an application to the Ontario Superior Court for "equality under the law", challenging the unjust lockdown laws that openly discriminate against Houses of worship. 




We now ask: will you, Cardinal Collins join these brothers? 

Will you join as an Intervenor?

Will you assist these separated brethren out of ecumenical love, and contribute towards their legal fees? 

Will you come out publicly in support of our separated brothers? 


Dear friends, please pray for these, our separated brethren, who are showing more faith, more vigilance for justice, more rigor in defending the rights of Our Lord Jesus Christ than the pastors of Christ's Church.  This silence and capitulation on the part of our pastors is a great scandal, but God draws good out of evil. He has exposed them; the corruption, and the hirelings who infest the Church.


Irenaeus said...

Vox Cantoris has a post up as well:

YouTube has already unlisted Pastor Youngren's video. Interesting, that.

Viva Cristo Rey said...

Let's go!
Finally Canadians are starting to fight back! Many of us are getting behind these people. Cardinal Collins your flock is ready to get behind you to!