Wednesday 2 December 2020

Money? Is it the root of the evil that has the Archdiocese of Toronto surrendering to the Covid Gestapo?

The VERY empty St. Michael's Cathedral

Dear friends, we have been warned in Sacred Scripture about the evils of money. Judas Iscariot himself exemplifies this when he sold Our Lord Jesus Christ to the High Priests and Pharisees for a mere 30 pieces of silver. What price have the Government and the various dioceses across Canada come to for selling out our rights?

We know for a fact that since March so called "employees" of the Catholic Church (at one time the Mystical Body of Christ, but now a series of "corporations") have been on the government dole for 75% of their wages. Further subsidies are ongoing, so be assured the churchmen will continue to acquiesce to the diktats of the State. One of Cardinal Collins' underlings even claims we should be "grateful" to the godless government that locks us out of our churches for the handouts of cash! 

Simply outrageous! The governmental hook is deeply embedded in these worldly, rich local churches. The once fishers of men, are themselves caught in a net of their own shortsightedness and greed. The Catholic Church should never be involved in taking filthy lucre from the State.




Watch the above video and learn how the lure of MONEY dangled before these episcopal "corporations" has the effect of binding and gagging the Church. The churchmen and their "mis"-advisors know well that to make a stand in the defense of religious freedom will mean not only litigation, but the severance of the billions handed out like a drug by the government apparatchiks. The timid, frightened, and misled bishops have been trapped. 

But now is the appropriate time! Now is the time to "be not afraid", to reject the filthy lucre of men whose mouths are "full of cursing, guile, oppression...". Now is the time for the bishops to shout out "arise then, Lord lift up your hand...break the power of the wicked and the sinner. Punish his wickedness till nothing remains.  The Lord is king for ever and ever" (Psalm 10). 

Please continue to pray for Cardinal Collins and his brother bishops that they begin to lead. As we have written, Catholics will support him! There is no need for fear. Let us take St. Pius X as our example when he faced down the Freemasons in France who were violating the rights of the Church.


Anonymous said...

No video link... dead, just a photo.

Phineas said...

Following the Council, the "spirit of Vatican II", an unholy spirit if there ever was one, had taken hold of the Church.

Most rank and file Catholics under the age of 60 were never properly catechized by the Church or the Catholic school system. One was lucky if a deep faith existed in the home and was able to be passed down (didn't happen in my case, but by the grace of God I became a "revert").

And so here we are, with at least 75% of baptized Catholic never attending Mass, and therefore contributing no money to keeping things going. The faithful remnant is not rich enough to keep it all afloat. We're playing right into Caesar's hands.

nazareusrex said...

Canadians urged to join Ottawa protest Friday against ‘conversion therapy ban’

A rally opposing the Justin Trudeau Liberal government’s Bill C-6 is planned for this Friday, December 4, on Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

Irenaeus said...

Anonymous - the video is working now.