Saturday, 26 December 2020

Priest dragged out of Chapel and arrested: How Modernists had a Traditionalist priest arrested for "Covid" violations

The real enemy is in the House of God. Today, as we celebrate St Stephen, let us recall that every age had its martyrs. 

So it was on October 19 that Fr. Michal Woznicki, "suspended" by the Poznan Ordinary and thrown out of the Salesians in Poznan, Poland in 2018, experienced their wrath. Having discovered that Fr. Woznicki was saying Mass and "violating "covid" restrictions, the Salesians telephoned the police requesting they enter the chapel and arrest the traditionalist priest.

Having just finished Mass, Fr. Woznicki (leading a small group of about seven faithful) began the Holy Rosary - only to be interrupted by armed police. Fr. Woznicki politely told the police that Jesus Christ was present in the Blessed Sacrament, True God and True Man, and if they could please kneel down. You watch what happens...

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