Monday 7 December 2020

Bishop Fabbro issues ILLEGAL and UNCONSTITUTIONAL edict on Masks in churches!


A few months ago we caught Bishop Ronald Fabbro LYING to the faithful. Now,  Fabbro of the Diocese of London (Essex County, southern Ontario) has issued an illegal and unconstitutional edict ("Update 13"). Though Provincial Law (Ontario. Reg. 365/20), well as local municipal laws, (City of London By-Law PH 20, Sec. 13 exempt those with a medical condition from proving same, Fabbro has rejected this and demanded that Catholics MUST show "evidence" of a medical condition to be allowed into a church. Fabbro's demands also violate Sec.2 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Now Fabbro has not done this out of ignorance; to the contrary, Fabbro admits his actions are illegal (which will have serious repercussions when a Catholic sues him), but tries to blur this over by writing: 

"This new protocol does go beyond the requirements in most health unit orders and local by-laws..."


 According to Fabbro, Catholics who do not wear masks (I am now only referring to those who have a medical condition) may be turned away at the church door if they do not provide a letter from their GP, NP; or other allied health professional. Fabbro's plan is to initially send these Catholics via mail an order to wear a mask or they will not be allowed entrance into the church. There are initial practical problems with this: 1) Fabbro has included in his list allied health professionals who do not have access to medical records, nor have the competency to make a diagnosis; secondly, how will he obtain the mailing address of Catholics? Does he intend to create his own "Enabling Act"? 



Questions: How are Catholics to obtain a Letter? Many physicians offices are closed; most allied health professionals are closed. Some Catholics may have a long-standing health condition but not currently have a GP. Think this far fetched? My GP retired three months before the first lockdown. Further, is Fabbro not aware that many GPs read peer-reviewed literature; literature that calls into question the efficacy of masks, and, as such, could easily write letters for anyone who requests? This is not about health. This is about the ravings of a fool who lives in an ivory tower, detached from the daily struggles and concerns of the long-suffering faithful. It is about ungodly control of the faithful.



Now let us turn from the impracticability to the illegality and unconstitutionality of Fabbro's demands. 

We need to preface our serious concerns with the question of whether or not Fabbro understands he is opening himself and the Diocese to not only litigation, but even being charged under the Criminal Code of Canada, with "threatening" force (c.f. CCC 265, 1) as articulated in his "Update 13"? Let Fabbro not think that his buildings are "private"; the Provincial and municipal legislation is clear: they regard places of worship where the public gathers as "public". If Fabbro thinks he can claim that the buildings are part of his private fiefdom, I say, joined by innumerable Catholics: "Bring it on Ronald! Bring it on!"  

Questions: How does Fabbro intend to enforce these blockages of faithful entering a church, or evicting them from a church? Call the police? He cannot, it is illegal for police to remove someone from a public building if they have not broken the law. Clearly, a Catholic who states they have a medical condition, and freely chooses not to provide evidence of same is within the law. Will Fabbro then try to use ushers to physically remove the person/s? He cannot, as this would constitute assault under the Criminal Code. Make no mistake, Fabbro in issuing these decrees could (besides paying millions when sued) face jail if a Catholic parishioner is assaulted by his diocesan thugs. Catholics who have medical conditions are going to have to "man up" and just go into church.

Finally, as a bishop, Fabbro is to uphold just laws and teach the faithful to do so as well. To violate laws unjustly, and to encourage others to do so is a grave mortal sin.



ACTION ITEM: Catholics in the Diocese of London: STOP DONATING. Seek our other Catholics to do the same. Find priests loyal to the Magisterium, and directly support them. STOP giving to the Bishop! You don't give to Anglicans, Methodists; nor should you give to a Modernist.

Addendum: Fabbro further informs the faithful that instructions on how to receive Holy Communion are under a certain "Father Bechard, Director of Liturgy". We had thought that Bechard had been removed from powerful diocesan positions and influence after the faithful were alerted to the "homoerotic" images on his Facebook page. Unfortunately, Fabbro did not take these grave violations of Christian morals by a Catholic priest seriously. We shall deal with this, and the mocking approach to the faithful who have used a pyx for the reception of Holy Communion in a later post, but we raise these here to draw the readers' attention to how these evils are all interconnected and flow out of the same moral sewer that is the Diocese of London, flowing from Bishop Fabbro downwards.

Stay tuned. MORE TO COME. We have just begun to fight!

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