Saturday, 21 December 2019

Fr. James Martin S.J.: Part of a Homosexualist Network to spread Lies in the Church?

The past few days have seen false "homosexualist" flags being trolled by Fr. James Martin S.J. It should not be forgotten that Martin was a business executive before entering the priesthood, hence his shrewd cunning and skilled manipulation of media. Let us not fall into his trap. 

It should be noted for the record however that the Holy See did NOT endorse homosexuality as a norm, nor diminish it as a sin, nor bring into question the genesis of same-sex attraction. 

Homosexuality remains, as it always will, a moral disorder. The homosexual act will always remain as intrinsically evil. The Catholic Church, basing Herself on Sacred Scriptures, Tradition, and Her constant Magisterium cannot contradict Herself. She cannot declare what is evil, as a good. 

Homosexuality remains, and will ever remain one of the four sins that cry to Heaven for Vengeance. 

The question remains, who were the dissenters who falsified the CDF document? Who is enabling them? Why did they openly falsify knowing that their lie would be exposed? These are not stupid men. I think it was not so much that the authentic CDF document would expose their lie, but that they lied to see what reaction there would be amongst Catholics. In other words, the dissenters are exploring to discover and identify further weaknesses. They want to see which bishops come out in favour of the CDF, which remain silent, and which dissent. Will these dissenters be punished? Those who lied, and those who knowingly spread the lie? This again is another test that these infiltrators are running. They know that if they are not punished, they will try again. 

These dissenters want to do for sodomy what was done for the Pill. So muddy the waters, so confuse the issues, that Catholics will no longer know what to think, or care to think. "Love is love" is the new cry and they want to see how many Catholics swallow this demonic phrase. 

What better way to close than in the words of St. John Chrysostom, who spoke of homosexuality as "hell appearing before its time".

Please continue to pray for those suffering from same-sex attraction, and those who have engaged in the very acts. 

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John Haggerty said...

You have called on us all to pray for those in sin, and I am glad you ended on this note, Barona.

In Britain we have a Prime Minister who engaged in at least FIVE extra-marital affairs, and got at least TWO of his women pregnant.

A serial fornicator, twice-married Boris Johnson has now moved his new whore - I use words that fit - into No. 10 Downing Street.
Whether he is divorced from Wife No. 2 is not even clear.

What an example to give young people! but England voted Randy Boris into power, with a staggering majority. He can do anything he likes for the next five years.

And don't expect our archbishop of Canterbury to utter a cheep.

Jesus was not silent when the Pharisees divorced their wives because they wanted to have sex with young women, but today's churchmen only quote Jesus when it suits them.

As Michael Voris said, *The faith must be fought for in every generation.*

Once our *progressive* churchmen start preaching on the reality of judgment and hell, the world will start listening, including immoral politicians and the rich who don't pay taxes. It worked for John Wesley!

Unless there is something at stake, such as one's eternal soul, the world will continue to regard the Christian faith as outmoded and silly.

Meanwhile spare a thought for Boris Johnson's children.
What will they think of Daddy in the years to come?