Thursday, 26 December 2019

Cries of "hate speech" thrown at Catholics at TCDSB meeting by dissenting trustees and "LGBT" activists

Complete moral chaos reigns at the Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB). Never has the situation looked so grim, with activist-dissenters constituting the majority of the Board, with the result of promoting dissident views contrary to Catholic Faith and Morals. 

I watched online some of the proceedings from last Monday's (December 23rd, 2019) special meeting called to denounce Trustee Michael del Grande for calling gender ideology "evil". Readers may recall that Pope St. John Paul II also used the the word "evil" to describe homosexual activity in his last book. 

Just within ten minutes of watching these people it was so obvious that the vast majority had lost the Faith. One could feel, even watching online, the animosity, the distain when a Catholic priest presented in the opening minutes the truths of the Catholic Faith. One could see, feel, they no longer believed. The bored stiff looks on the dissenters' faces told it all: when will this "stupid, old priest stop telling us how to live our lives. Gay is good..." 

The next presenter was a retired Catholic school Principal, Lou Iacobelli. While he was speaking, a member of the audience cried out "hate speech". Following this excellent speech was a very bizarre and disturbing presentation from a woman who claimed to be the head of the Toronto Elementary Catholic Teachers Association, Julie Altomare-Di Nuzio. It was obvious, that she too - tragically - had lost the Faith. It should be noted that Li Preti, also called out "hate speech", when Catholic doctrine was being quoted by another presenter. Yes, this is how "they", the dissenters, the real haters, are trying to persecute Catholics! 

Those of us who know a bit of history cannot but see how this confrontation reflected the Italy of the 1930s: back then the fascists against the Catholics. Today, Rizzo, Li Preti et al., once again against the Catholics. Shameful! 

These confused, sad people have rejected the Catholic Faith. They may claim they believe, but they do not. One cannot believe in gender ideology and the Catholic Faith. These dissenting trustees no longer believe in the Church, the Sacred Scriptures and openly reject the sanctity of the Sacrament of Marriage and the holiness of male-female sexuality, and excuse and promote sexual perversion. In doing so, they reject Jesus Christ. 

Their "belief" is like claiming to believe in "dry water". An impossibility. Our Lord Jesus Christ Himself said: "From the beginning God made them male and female. For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife and the two will become one flesh. So they are no longer two, but one flesh". (Mk, 10 6-8). 

Dear friends, this latest confrontation was lost when dissenting Boards across Ontario threw in with gender ideology over the past year. It must be said that the bishops of Ontario did nothing. But it goes back decades when the lesbian Joanna "That Bitch" Manning, defeated then Cardinal Ambrozic in the courts, and obtained her teaching job back, even though she was openly teaching heresy to young people. Manning went on to apostatize into Anglicanism, to then leave that sect for witchcraft. 

It should be noted that already in the late 1980s dissenters had seized control of the organs of the Ontario Catholic Teachers' Association (OECTA), transforming it into a militant, activist Union that is notorious for pro-abortion and pro-homosexual propaganda. It should also be noted that every "Catholic" teacher to get into the public system needs a letter of referral from the parish priest stating the individual is a practicing and BELIEVING Catholic. We know that most teachers are not practicing, and therefore certainly not believing. Once again, we see the destructive role played over the past decades of - let us be honest - evil and wayward priests, who had no calling to the priesthood. These wicked men facilitated the destruction of our Catholic schools. They will answer to God for it. 

Here is part of the address (called out as "hate speech") published by "Everyday for Life, Canada":  

 Good evening everyone, I'm here tonight as a retired Catholic teacher, parent and grandparent. We want begin by citing a bit of Canada's Catholic history. In 1897, 122 years ago this month, Pope Leo XIII issued a letter called, Affari Vos. It was his response to the Manitoba Schools Question as the province tried to pass a law to end Catholic education in Manitoba.
Pope Leo writes in defence of Catholic education: "This is a toxic law. For our children cannot go for instruction to schools which oppose the Catholic religion, or its teachings are despised and its basic principles rejected.” We must “avoid at all costs, as most dangerous, those schools in which all beliefs are welcomed and treated as equal, as if, in what regards God and divine things, it makes no difference whether one believes rightly or wrongly, and takes up with truth or error.”

You can read his full address here. 


Brian said...

The Ontario "Ex" Catholic Teachers Association (OECTA) has been peddling this contempt and hatred of the faith since the sixties. My old school board set aside, at one of it's high schools, a room as a mini mosque, for Muslim students. Imagine that a Catholic school board a purveyor of Islam. These trustees are products of a Church of absentee bishops, a Church that has been doctrinally unhinged for sixty years. They have been formed by an increasingly militant secularism not by Catholic faith and morals. One last comment: where is the Ordinary of the Archdiocese of Toronto, that he would leave this courageous trustee out to be slaughtered?

Anonymous said...

Cardinal Collins could have nipped this in the bud but he was a coward. He thought he could accommodate just a tiny bit ("through a Catholic lens") and everything would be OK. Well, after the special meeting that train has officially left the station. Even if he realized the gravity of his error and tried to recant, the needle has now moved again in the mob's direction. The Cardinal would be called a Hater, and that simply won't be allowed to happen.


John Haggerty said...

So Li Preti denounced an opponent with the charge of *hate speech*?

I rather think Preti would make a bonny hater.

There were many like Preti during China's so-called Cultural Revolution.

The Li Preti clones held up Mao's Little Red Book, and denounced elderly intellectuals as counter-revolutionaries, thoughtful men like Michael Del Grande, who were marched through the streets, and humiliated by the screeching violent mobs.

One aspect of Gender Ideology puzzles me.

Why would parents want their infant sons introduced (indoctrinated) to the idea of genderfluid identity?

Why would they wish to see confusion sown in minds so young and impressionable?
Boys will be damaged by the new ideology more than girls.

Do not misunderstand me. I am no supporter of gender stereotypes.

A sensitive boy who doesn't like competitive games should never be made to feel he is less of a boy.
Masculinity is about formation of character.
A man is someone who is gentle with those weaker than himself.

But it appears that Catholic parents and teachers in Toronto are happy with Gender Ideology in junior schools.

Are non-Catholic parents and teachers just as happy with Gender Ideology?
Is it now a feature of schools all across Canada?
And will it brook no opposition? No critique? No voice of scepticism?

Brian's above comment will come back to haunt your hierarchy.

A church of absentee bishops.
A church that's been doctrinally unhinged for 60 years.

This is what happened in the Church of England, and all those congregations in the worldwide Anglican communion.
It was the reason why the late Dr. Leonard, Bishop of London, converted to the Roman Catholic faith.

But this is where we now are in Bergoglio's (*Who am I to judge?*) cult, because it is a cult.

The cult-like Church of Accompaniment.
The cult-like Church of Aquarius. The Church of Pachamama.

The *witchcraft* denounced by Mother Angelica is the Francis faith.
We are all to be Catholic Wiccans!

We must all tow the Francis party line, which will no doubt support Gender Ideology in schools all across the Catholic world.

Yet another departure from the teaching of Jesus Christ.

Everyday For Life Canada said...

How could the bishops agree to policy documents to guide religious instruction in Catholic schools when they contain ideas contrary to Catholic teaching? This lack of oversight or even agreement with the documents may help to explain why the Toronto trustees voted recently to include gender identity in the board's revised Code of Conduct. The argument they made was that the bishops had supported the course guidelines developed by ICE because "Equity and Inclusive Education" could be found in the resources. Trustee Maria Rizzo actually put this out in an email. The dissenting trustees are sadly correct about this. Did the bishops actually read these documents? And if so do they agree with them? Why are these religious resource documents using the language of secularism and those of an anti-Catholic government? Parents, and much more students, deserve a clear answer.

John Haggerty said...

In my above comment I coined the term *Catholic Wiccan* without labouring the thought.

Having just gone into Google I see there are many blogs on Wicca's commitment to what is now being called the *unbuilding of gender*.
Yes, you read me correctly.

Gender (i.e. Male and Female) is to be Unbuilt.
Deconstructed. Declared invalid. Deposited in the dustbin of patriarchal history!

So why not start by screwing with the minds of children, the little children who came to Jesus of Nazareth?

* Wiccan concepts of gender and ritual objects.
* Wiccan gender roles and sexuality.
* Pagan gendered sexuality.
* Mother goddesses and subversive witchcraft.
* The gendered altar: Wiccan concepts of gender.

Ten years from now, maybe less, expect to see Mother Goddess, or Pachamama, being worshipped on Gendered Altars. Coming to a Catholic Church near you.

Francis, or his successor, will be saying: *Who Am I to judge these dancing Mother Priestesses?*
And, *Don't be so rigid, you traditional Catholics, who have made a fetish of the Latin Mass, which belongs in the distant past.*

Gender Ideology is the Unbuilding of Male and Female; and it is inextricably linked to the New Age and to Aquarian sexuality.
The kind of thing unleashed in trashy TV dramas like *Sex And the City*.

The very Reformed churches woke up to this danger in the 1980s.

In her YouTube vlog Mother Angelica famously said to all those Catholics who were trashing the Mass and rejecting Catholic morality, *I am tired of your witchcraft!*

What if the church under Francis becomes one big Wiccan coven?
Rainbow Catholicism!

J Haggerty said...

For a clear analysis of the New Age and the dangers it poses for Christian doctrine and worship, please read the book:
*Spirit Wars - Pagan Revival in Christian America* by Peter Jones, 1997.

There are chapters headings titled Gnostic Sexuality (which turns on Gender Ideology) and The Creed of the Religious Left.

Born in Liverpool, England, Peter Jones is an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church in America, and professor of New Testament at Westminster Seminary in Escondido, California.

He has a Th.M. from Harvard Divinity School and a Ph.D. from Princeton Theological Seminary.

You can read Dr. Jones online and see him on YouTube.

John Haggerty said...

Read online *The Witches Next Door* by medieval historian Sandra Meisel, in the blog *Crisis - A Voice for the faithful Catholic laity.*
Ms. Meisel writes:

*Writer Charlotte Allen has pointed out that paganism, with its colourful smells and bells, is like Catholicism without Christ. Pagans specialize in evocative ceremonies, rich symbols, and a sense of mystery that has been bleached out of much of post-Vatican II Catholicism. Pagans kept their liturgical language lush and formal while ours became boring and banal.*

Pope Francis has done three things.

1) He has distanced his pontificate from the Latin Mass and any chance of its formal reinstatement. The future of the Mass is plastic. Women priests, when they arrive, may well introduce further innovations, further Pachamama paganisms.

2) He has encouraged pagan (Hellenic) sexuality by endorsing Rainbow's Father James Martin as a guest of Saint Peter's. This can only increase because of the relentless pressure from the all-powerful homosexual lobby in government, culture and media. Homosexual unions will be legitimized.

3) He has said there can be salvation outside of Christ, moving the church one step nearer to a Christless Catholicism. Francis pays lip service to the lordship of Christ, while blowing up the foundation of the faith from below.

The Deconstruction of Gender, now being introduced into Catholic schools in Toronto, with the full support of Cardinal Collins, will alter Catholic identity at the most intimate level. For it will indoctrinate infants with a Rainbow (paganized) view of human sexuality.

Gender fanatics know they must move quickly to intimidate and silence all opposition.

Once the new teaching is established in schools, true Catholic teaching on sexuality as expounded by Pope John Paul II, will be a relic of the past, not even a memory.

This is what I call Wiccan Catholicism, a gross exaggeration many will say.

But the New Age maintains that all religions, behind their apparent differences, share the same core truth. This is Wiccan theology just as Gender Ideology is Wiccan sexuality.

The Aquarian Church of Francis is singing from the same hymn sheet as Wiccans.

Maybe it will take Reformed theology to expose Catholic hubris.
Because Pope Francis and his team are setting themselves ABOVE the inerrancy of Scripture.

Read *A Biblical Case for Total Inerrancy - How Jesus Viewed the Old Testament* (1978) by Robert P. Lightner, formerly Professor of Systematic Theology at Dallas Theological Seminary.

John Haggerty said...

Please watch YouTube:

*Is Pope Francis a Pagan?* from News (whose motto is *The More Catholic the better.*) 17 June 2018.

Gloria quotes Dr. Peter Jones, named above, who took Pope Francis to task for telling a gay man that *God made you that way.*

This is contrary to Scripture as well as pagan, said Dr. Jones.

We know that Pope Francis is very popular with the public, particularly the American, British, and Irish media.

He is feted by the arts and entertainments industry.

None of these groups have any serious interest in Biblical truth and Revelation.
If they think about religion at all, it is as a subjective, human-centred, self-pleasing project.

The Irish media and intelligentsia, in the wake of clerical child abuse, are now very progressive in their views on abortion, homosexuality and divorce.

Traditional Catholics may sound warnings about the terrible danger of Gender Ideology, but is anyone listening?

These are all symptoms of the steady erosion of Christian belief WITHIN the Catholic hierarchy.
And of the return of Paganism in Western societies.

We had all better wake up!

I am reading a new biography of Saint Columba by Bruce Ritchie, *The Faith of An Island Soldier* and I am convinced that missionary work must BEGIN with the unconverted bishops and cardinals.

And yes, even Pope Francis!

John Haggerty said...

Please watch YouTube:

*Dr. Peter Jones - The Great Opponent of Contemporary Christianity (Special Lecture - October 19 2015.) GPTS.

Two thousand years ago, says Dr. Jones, Jewish rabbis spoke out against marriage between two men and two women.
But we are now in *changed days*, when the Supreme Court of the USA ruled in its favour.

From gay marriage to the gender indoctrination of little children took a few short years.

What's next?
Group marriage and the abolition of the concept of male and female.

The Unbuilding of Christianity's last moral foundation - the family.

Everything Saint Pope Pius X warned us about.

Donna Ruth said...

Interesting that several times the point was well made that these people had "lost their Catholic faith." Indeed. And what a strong point to make when confronting folks who have reached that stage: "I am so sorry; you have lost your Catholic faith." It is a splash of cold water that will certainly provoke a reaction, but will likely also provoke some interior reflection. I have seen it work in the past.

John Haggerty said...

Two online essays for Catholic teachers who support Gender Ideology and LGBTQ.

1) The First Sexual Revolution: The Triumph of Christian Morality in the Roman Empire. By Kevin De Young. The Gospel Coalition.

2) Not That Kind of Homosexuality? By Kevin De Young. The Gospel Coalition.

There is no shame in being wrong.
The moral evil is to continue in error.

Leading souls into sin by false teaching is grave, damaging the souls and minds of little children is even graver.

We will all have to stand before the judgment seat and give an account of our lives.

Irenaeus said...

Excellent observations, Barona. I have to add this to your post, as it was captured by someone we have been discussing.

John Haggerty said...

Gender Ideology, the New Sexuality, New Age, Jungian Psychology, Progressive Spirituality, One World Religion, Universal Salvation, Globalism, Mother Earth, Climate Change ...
There is a paradigm shift that is attempting to rewrite Christianity, attempting to eclipse what G.K. Chesterton called *the Adventure of Orthodoxy*...

Peter Jones: A Gnostic Gospel.
Ligonier Ministries. YouTube.

The 21st Century will become the spiritual battleground between Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy, which Dr. Jones identifies as Gnosticism, the old serpent against which the Early Church had to battle.

Gender Ideology is Gnosticism.

Donald Link said...

It would be nice to think that American bishops have learned something from this race by Canadians to ultimate perdition but their studied silence on cultural/political merging is deafening. It would also appear that they have not yet recognized their own fast diminishing relevance in the world today but can't yet see why this is so.