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Friday, 28 June 2019

Pope Francis on the Multiplication of the Loaves: Most missed the REAL and FAR MORE DANGEROUS error!

I have read Pope Francis' recent homily on the Multiplication of the Loaves. I did not read anywhere that he actually denied the miracle of the multiplication. Even if he had, there is a far, far greater danger than denying a miracle in Sacred Scriptures. No, this is a much more subtle undertaking, and therefore much more dangerous. There is no crudity in this. The question might even arise, who composed the Pope's homily: a masterpiece of kaleidoscopic shifting. 

No, what happened was the Pope shifted the emphasis from the supernatural to secondary, natural effects of the miracle. The supernatural is downplayed - not denied, notice - and the natural is given pride of place. 



How many times over the past few centuries have the Popes warned about the dangers and errors of naturalism!

This shift to naturalism, to a horizontal "Christianity" that Paul VI warned about in the late 1960s has swamped the Church. Naturalism led automatically to grave errors regarding the Eucharist. 

One in particular is known as the "pneumatic presence", and it is very popular in the Church. And, it is gaining strength. The Real Presence, if not denied outright, is confused with secondary "presences", such as the spiritual, along with new ideas such as placing Man at the centre of of "presence". In other words, the deification of Man. 

This grave error, this heresy, is the implication that the Church, the people  at Mass, the congregation become the Body of Christ. In other words, that the Eucharist is the people. Specifically, when the priest says: "this is my body..." he is referring to the congregation becoming the "real presence". This is the "pneumatic presence" condemned in No. 39 of Mysterium Fidei. Consider the Eucharistic Congress in Manila a few years ago. There is NO GREATER ERROR than to attack the Dogma of the Real Presence. This shift, ever so subtle to wards the giving of "self", within the context of a homily on a miracle, rather than a direct homily on the Eucharist, is, in my opinion, a very skillful infusion of "pneumatic theology" into miracles that pre-figured Transubstantiation. DO you see where this is leading? 

Here is an excellent exposition of the heresy of the "pneumatic presence". I obtained this from a link at the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops' "National Liturgy Office" website. It has been on the CCCB website since 2010. How many Catholics have been poisoned with this? How is it possible that the bishops allow, promote it? Draw your own conclusions. 

A final question: what really, ultimately (see my comment on this word above in the second and seventh paragraphs) is taking place? In a word: transformation. Through the transformation of the Eucharistic gifts into the Body and Blood of Christ—that takes place through the medium of and in the course of the Eucharistic Prayer and the reception of Communion, the members of the participating assembly are being transformed more completely into the ecclesial Body of Christ and ultimately (that word again) into the full Communion of Saints. Without that ultimate transformation at least beginning to take place, some would say that we have Eucharist in name only, but not in reality.
Robert J. Daly, S.J.
Boston College

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