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Wednesday, 16 January 2019

The Dangers of an Active Life without an Interior Life: Part Four

Fr. Chautard describes a situation I am sure is familiar to us all - the putting-off of prayer because we simply have "too many things to do," when we are reminded of our lack of an interior life - but gives another reminder of how the devil is at work:
Yet a day comes when the soul scents danger. The .guardian angel has had something to say: conscience has registered a protest. Now would be the time to take hold of himself, to examine himself in the calm atmosphere of a retreat, to resolve to draw up a schedule and follow it rigorously, even at the cost of neglecting the occasions of trouble to which he has become so attached. Alas! It is already late in the day! He has already tasted the pleasure of seeing his efforts crowned with the most encouraging success. “Tomorrow! tomorrow!” he mumbles. “Today, it is out of the question. There simply is no time. I have got to go on with this series of sermons, write this article, organize this committee, or that ‘charity,’ put on this play, go on that trip — or catch up with my mail.” How happy he is to reassure himself with all these pretexts! For the mere thought of being left alone, face to face with his own conscience, has become unbearable to him. The time has come when the devil can have a free hand to encompass the ruin of a soul that has shown itself disposed to be such a willing accomplice. The ground is prepared. Since activity has become a passion in his victim, he now fans it into a raging fever. Since it has become intolerable for him to even think of forgetting his urgent affairs and recollecting himself, the demon increases that loathing into sheer horror, and takes care at the same time to intoxicate the soul with fresh enterprises, skillfully colored with the attractive motives of God’s glory and the greater good of souls. 
Friends, the devil hates us and wants to see us fail, and turn away from God, lured away by false promises of success and glory and comfort. How often have we seen rising Catholic stars - so to speak - fall so spectacularly? Turn to other religions? Fall into serious sin with nary a repentant word to pass their lips? Or worse, justify their serious sins? Become so busy with an apostolate and good works that we forget our primary duty - to give glory, honor, and praise to God?

Reject the devil - and embrace God!

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