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Friday, 18 January 2019

Prayer to Jesus Crucified

Lord Jesus Christ, I thank You, who laid down your life for me so meekly.
You bore the nails so patiently,
You were raised upon the cross so mercilessly,
You hung there so painfully,
You wept so bitterly,
You cried aloud piercingly,
You shed your blood plentifully, and for me, a sinner, You suffered death unquestionably.
Now, Lord Jesus Christ, I commend myself to your love,
to the power of your passion, to the depths of your endless mercy.
Jesus Christ, in your immeasurable pity,
keep alive within me the memory of your bitter death, of your holy wounds,
so that in sickness and in health, I may remember you mercy.
Gentle Jesus, defend me from all danger,
and keep me so that I may stand before You in joy.
Defend my soul, Lord Jesus Christ,
which You have bought with your precious blood.

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