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Thursday, 3 January 2019

"LGTB" propaganda - once again - being forced on children in Catholic schools

The militant, secular teachers' Union, the Ontario Catholic Teachers' Association (OECTA), has begun the new year, as they left off the old: promoting sin amongst young, innocent children and youth. The excellent bog, Everyday for Life, Canada, provides a detailed analysis of their latest activity. 

OECTA is now collaborating with a fanatical "LGBT" organization, called "Egale".

All of this raises questions: how is this possible? 

Obviously the hierarchy has been neutralized by the Ministry of Education and OECTA, but we can ask: 

Where are the Catholic teachers? 

Why are they silent? 

OECTA claims a membership of 45,000 teachers. In Toronto, OECTA boasts of 6,000 teachers (who belong to the Toronto Secondary Unit - one of the most radicalized and virulently anti-Catholic divisions of OECTA). 

Do these thousands upon thousands of Catholic teachers approve? 

What hold, what terror does OECTA have on these teachers to keep them in line and silent? 

Do these teachers all approve, or are they cowed into silence? Is there not one teacher out of 45,000 who will stand up to a small band of thuggish anti-Catholic bigots and de facto child perverters?

How did extremist anti-Catholics manage to take over OECTA? 

Many questions, all which need answering.

And we have not even begun to question why parents sit in silence and let this evil go on. 


Irenaeus said...

Despicable. I used to be a student in OECTA. What a disgrace.

Everyday For Life Canada said...

Where are the "safe spaces" for the majority of children going to public and separate schools in Ontario? There are none. What an injustice!

Catholic gal said...


Anonymous said...

How do parents let this go on??? Are you serious? What power do the parents have over OECTA? OECTA leaders are voted in by their members, the Catholic teachers. Parents elect school trustees. The trustees do not have any power over OECTA.