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Friday, 24 August 2018

First they came for Vox Cantoris, now they come for Mark Lambert ~ will YOU be next?

Threatening and intimidating members of the Faithful is seen by most as the worst form of clericalism. When it comes from a priest or a bishops it is simply evil.

Sacred Scripture is very clear about taking any disputes amongst the Faithful "to the Church". Further, a man of God, ignores calumny, mockery for the love of Christ.

How many saints in the past were mocked and degraded by lies and calumny, and turned the other cheek? Here we speak of saints!

However, when loyal and faithful Catholics raise very sober and serious questions, they must be answered! Not with a lawsuit, or the threat of a lawsuit, but with the truth. Most readers will be aware of the sad case of Papal Spokesman, Salt and Light CEO, Fr. Thomas Rosica CSB, threatening a Catholic family man and blogger, Vox Cantoris with a lawsuit. 

Now, we awaken to news that Bishop Grech of Malta is threatening another Catholic family man and blogger, Mark Lambert of De Omnibus Dubitandum Est, with a lawsuit for daring to repeat very serious questions being raised in Malta about coverup of sexual abuse. 

The objective of this is to intimidate into silence faithful Catholics. Most Catholics do not have the wealth that churchmen can access for very expensive litigation. 

But God writes straight with crooked lines. He will NOT be mocked. Just the other day we learned that in the United States two more Grand Juries are being established to investigate, what will amount to, organized crime. If the RICO Statues are invoked - watch out! As a friend of mine, Ursula, used to say we will be going back to loyal priests living in private homes and saying Mass in dining rooms and small, private chapels for the faithful. 

Please pray for Mark, and his family. Please spread the news! Evil loves - as St. Augustine said - to work under cover of darkness. THis must be exposed! 

Catholics, do not sit idly by and allow this to happen! 

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