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Thursday, 2 August 2018

Are you a "Prisoner in Nantes" ? ~ the celebration of Celtic Culture!

The culture of France is particularly rich, being one of the greatest nations of the world. Bretagne, or Brittany, as we know the region in English, is not so much a region of France, but a Nation within a Nation. 

Bretons are Celts and have a unique and different culture. 

Every August, for two weeks, (for decades), in L'Orient, there is a Celtic Festival. Peoples from the various Celtic Nations (Brittany, Scotland, Corwall et.c) will converge in Brittany to celebrate Celtic culture. The Scots are particularly beloved by Bretons. The people of Brittany will never forget the Scottish forces who liberated them from a barbarous occupation by the Nazi hordes during the War. You wiull hear many a Highland bagpipe during the Celtic Festival! 

Long Live the great Nation of Brittany!!!!  

Ste Anne D'Auray, pray for us. 

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