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Thursday, 28 July 2016

CATHOLICS BEWARE: EWTN promotes anal sex between husbands and wives

The perversion of Holy Matrimony has spread amongst Catholics over the past few decades to unprecedented proportions. Now, we have EWTN promoting anal sex as acceptable via someone who remains anonymous as "NFP Outreach". Serious questions, on grave moral issues should at least be answered by people with real names. 

 This is totally un-Catholic and perverse. Anal, oral and other unnatural sexual acts are outrageous perversions that are being promoted by the "Theology of the Body" crowd. Genovesi, S.J. - the author quoted - is a self-proclaimed dissenter for years from Humanae Vitae. 

To the contrary of what EWTN promotes, the Catholic Church teaches the opposite: 

From St. Alphonsus de Liguori:

Latin: An peccet mortaliter vir inchoando copulam in vase praepostero, ut postea in vase debito eam consummet?

Translation:“Whether it is a mortal sin for the husband to begin copulating in a disordered [perverse] orifice, then afterward consummate the act in the proper orifice?”

Latin: Ratio, quia ipse hujusmodo coitus (etsi absque seminatione) est vera sodomia, quamvis non consummata, sicut ipsa copula in vase naturali mulieris alienae est vera fornication, licet non adsit seminatio.

Translation:“The reason is that this manner of his sexual act (even without climax) is truly sodomy, whether or not it is consummated, just as an act of copulation in the natural orifice of another woman is truly fornication, even if there is no climax.”

Finally there are consequences physiologically for violating God's design of the male and female body. John R Diggs, MD., writes in the "Health Risks of Gay Sex", p.3, the following: 

I realize that the question is from 2006, but it is still up on the website. It it time for EWTN to take it down! 

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