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Saturday, 13 June 2015

U.S. Association of Catholic Priests wishes a "distinct ritual for same-sex unions" to be drawn up by the Church

The U.S. Association of Catholic Priests is an association of, according to their website, Catholic priests in "good standing". Recently, the USACP released the results of its questionnaire and submission to the Holy See. The following screenshots shows how far departed the results are from the Catechism of the Catholic Church, from the High Priest, Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Readers may draw their own conclusions. How much this survey really represents all American priests is another issue. However, this survey does seem to reflect a certain clique of powerful clerics who wish to force the Church at the upcoming Synod into a moral crisis. They will not succeed. Please pray for your priests that they remain faithful servants of Our Lord. 


Freyr said...

This survey represents 1.5% of US Catholic priests. The AUSCP only represents 2.8% of US Catholic priests. The question is who is the AUSCP and are they biased? A survey of an advocacy group is meaningless.

Lawrence and Susan Fox said...

I agree Freyr. Oh for the good old days when laypeople used to grab their pastors and throw them out of the rectory if they were heretics. Susan Fox