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Monday, 8 June 2015

Fr. Eberhard Schockenhoff ~ another leading German priest-professor comes out promoting the homoheresy

The cancer of the homoheresy keeps spreading
Fr. Eberhard Schockenhoff, a professor of moral theology at the University of Frieburg reflects the warped mindset that is infecting so much of the Church in Germany. He hopes that at the upcoming Synod there will be changes in the "approach to the divorced in new unions", as well as a "respectful and accepting approach to persons who live in same-sex partnerships. "If it came to some sort of official recognition of these matters at the Synod, it would be good. But if it does not happen, the basics will not change, they will continue as before". 

On the comments by Cardinal Parolin that the Irish referendum represents a "defeat for humanity", Schockenhoff disagreed:" one has to say, that people with homosexual feelings have a right to their type of life, and the fact that as all people are sexual beings - to be accepted. This is their way of life". 

"The Church's position, to not discriminate against them as people, but alerts them that their behaviour is intrinsically disordered, is not a convincing position. This position is seen as a hidden discrimination and does not reflect the complete social justice teaching of the church". 

Source: Polonia Christiana. 

Translation: Barona. 

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Anonymous said...

As long as the clergy and religious keep fighting against Church teachings in public how can anyone expect laity in the pews to know what the truth is? And how can we take the truth forward into a hostile, secular culture? We are not lacking for evangelization skills, we are lacking for a common Truth.

Carole LaSalle