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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

The persecution of Patricia Jannuzzi: Immaculata High School may run, but cannot hide!

When the news of the persecution of Patricia Jannuzzi, a teacher of 33 years and in good standing broke, Vox Cantoris and I emailed the school. As the Vox relays this morning, the school has removed contact information from their website. Please visit Vox Cantoris for further details on this outrage. 

However, I did receive an automated reply from a nun, with which I shall share with you. 

Immaculata High School may consider itself "progressive" (in truth, neo-pagan ideology) in its cowardly pandering to the homosexualist movement; however, it clearly dwells in the stone age when it comes to social media. Catholics will not be silenced!

 To contact Immaculata High School with your concerns:

The "reply" from Sr. Anne Brigid Gallagher 

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Anonymous said...

I am not Catholic, but I share your concern for Ms. Jannuzzi and about the ghastly error of suspending her for speaking Christian truth. So I've emailed my concerns to the school's leaders, and I encourage others to do so.

Just a guy in Virginia