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Friday, 20 March 2015

BREAKING: Pope Francis will uphold the doctrine on Marriage against the heretics and Adulterists

Sandro Magister, writes today in Chiesa that Pope Francis is showing more and more where his position is regarding the proposal by a number of leading churchmen (Kasper, Tagle et al) to distribute Holy Communion to people living in adultery. The Pope will not be supporting the Adulterists and Homosexualist Parties. 

Magister notes that Gerhard Cardinal Muller remains at the CDF, and will do so during the upcoming Synod. It was Witness that broke to the English speaking world the same Cardinal referring to the Adulterist position as a "serious Christological heresy". Likewise we broke to the English-speaking world last weekend (March, 15), that the Polish Bishops' Episcopal Conference will not support the Adulterists. 

Magister quotes Carlo Cardinal Caffarra, a rising confidant of the Pope: 

“Those who advance this hypothesis do not have an answer to a very simple question: what about the first marriage, ratified and consummated? The proposed solution leads one to think that the first marriage remains intact, but that there is also a second form of cohabitation that the Church legitimizes. Therefore there is an extramarital exercise of human sexuality that the Church considers legitimate. But with this comes a denial of the cornerstone of the Church’s teaching on sexuality. At this point one could ask oneself: so why not approve cohabitation at will? So why not relationships between homosexuals? This is not only a question of practice, it also touches upon doctrine. Unavoidably. One may say that it doesn’t, but it does. Not only that. It introduces a custom that in the long run determines this idea in the people, and not only among Christians: there is no such thing as an absolutely indissoluble marriage. And this is certainly against the Lord’s will.”


Lawrence and Susan Fox said...

Yea! Pope Francis rocks! I knew he'd come through. God bless you. Susan Fox

Lawrence and Susan Fox said...

One of my dear friends, a medieval scholar, was tearing her hair out over Pope Francis, fearing he was taking the Church down the drain because she read the STUPID MEDIA, and I sent her this post, and she is so relieved. She is going to start reading Francis in Italian because she can. She hopes they don't start messing with that language. God bless you. Susan Fox

Anonymous said...

Except that Francis permitted Holy Communion for public adulterers when Archbishop of Buenos Aires, as Magister himself reported, and has (according to explicit reports never denied) advised two Argentinian women living in adultery that they could receive Holy Communion, in one case contrary to the advice of her parish priest.