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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

BREAKING: Court in Poland finds pro-life activists "guilty", for exposing "eugenic" abortions at the Pro-Familia Hospital

A court in Rzeszow, Poland has found guilty Mr. Jacek Kotula and Mr. Przemyslaw Sycz (of Fundacja PRO Prawo do Zycia) "guilty" of defaming the hospital "Pro-Familia", for exposing that the same medical establishment had been performing abortions. 

The judge imposed a two year probation on the men, prohibiting them from picketing abortion establishments ("hospitals" and/or abortion mills). Further, an 8 thousand zl. fine was imposed (just over $2500 CAD); an outrageous sum, considering the Polish salaries. The court also refused to inform the defendants how they "crossed the line" into alleged "defamation. Three banners owned by Fundacja-PRO were also forfeit and confiscated by the court. 

One of the main problems with the ruling was that the court refused testimony from the key witness, a nurse, Agata Rejman. Her truthful and reliable testimony regarding the hospital surreptitiously performing "eugenic" abortions was considered inadmissible by the court. 

Please pray for these outstanding Catholic gentlemen. They will be filing an appeal. Further information to follow. 

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The culture of Death doesn't allow testimony or evidence that exposes its mascarade.