Monday, 30 June 2014

This Blog supports Vox Cantoris contra Michael Coren

The writer, Michael Coren, has seen fit to attack this evening on his TV show, The Arena, the well-known Catholic blog, Vox Cantoris.

The attack is scurrilous and disgraceful. I encourage all readers to read Vox's open letter to Coren regarding dissent on Catholic teachings pertaining to homosexuality. To accuse Vox of being a "hater" is absolutely false, scandalous.

Vox wrote, regarding Coren: 

It is one thing to have a private opinion and dissent on the truth, it is quite another to make it public and at the same time continue to attest to be Catholic. Your latest column directly contradicts the Catechism of the Catholic Church. You have determined that you have a right to publicly dissent and I have a right, as do others in your parish, to call you out with fraternal correction...

...Michael, your friends care about you and regret that you have taken such a public position over the last few months that is distorting the Church's teaching. People are keeping you and your family in prayer.

Be well my friend,


No hate, only Christian love, only fraternal correction. Vox's Open Letter to Michael Coren

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Brian said...

I also, wholeheartedly, support Vox Cantoris, and want to acknowledge and praise you, for coming to Vox's defense. Get ready, no doubt there are more hit pieces coming against those, who dare to question Coren's growing doctrinal dissent. Perhaps one of our bishops should have stepped up to the plate contra Michael Coren. Fat chance...