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Friday, 2 May 2014

"That's Belfast"? ... No, that IS sacrilege: the profaning of the Sanctuary of Holy Rosary Church in Toronto

I had hoped that it would not be necessary to write - once again - about the inappropriate use of a Catholic church for a secular concert. Over the past few days, I have been informed that - once again - Holy Rosary parish in Toronto has staged an "Irish Afternoon Tea" which included a "concert" in the church. 

Though it is highly laudable to raise funds for the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, surely there is another way to accomplish this without profaning the Sanctuary? In this case, simply use the parish hall. You will notice on the video link (from a concert in a previous year), the Tabernacle Door and Veil closed, implying that the Blessed Sacrament was left in the church during this concert. This years concert, my very reliable source informed me,  was replete with secular songs.

As Freyr commented a year ago: We must rely upon ordinary Catholics to preserve the sanctity of their sacred spaces. This begs the question of why there is not a hue and cry amongst parishioners when these events take place. The answer is fairly simple. Anyone who would speak out against these things in a real parish will very quickly find themselves at the centre of an extremely nasty conflict. Moreover they will be standing alone.

Yes, it would seem that such a situation exists at Holy Rosary. 

The Archdiocesan policy - which is still in force, though obviously being violated with abandon  - may be read here at Vox Cantoris. 


Freyr said...

This is nuts. Holy Rosary has a huge parish hall with a stage which has hosted many concerts in the past. Moreover, there is an adjoining room with access to a kitchen. There is no need to use the church sanctuary for such things.

John said...

Sad to hear about the sideshow in church.

A local parish I visit on occasion devolves into a cafeteria each Sunday after Mass when, during the closing processional, a coffee cart is wheeled out into the nave by some well intentioned biddy.

People complain about not having enough quiet time in their lives, yet they impose their boisterous behaviour on others who are desperately trying to pray for a few minutes after Mass.

A perfectly useful parish hall stands within spitting distance from the church.

Unknown said...

Will the parish church be re-consecrated?

If not, why not?

Lawrence and Susan Fox said...

I belonged to a parish where they held children's CCD classes inside the Church. We had upholstered chairs not pews. (They did have a hall). The kids left white glitter on the seats one week. I used to receive Communion in the hand but that ended that day. They also had very crumbly hosts, so I was in the habit of checking for such after I received because I understood that each speck of host was Jesus Christ, Body, Blood, Soul & Divinity. (Some left communion brushing their hands to get the extra off. Don't faint. This was a liberal parish. Few there understood what they were receiving.) So on the glitter day, I came back to my pew looked at my hands, and could not distinguish that it was glitter not host on my hands. My husband caught me surreptitiously licking glitter off my hands, and he looked at me and said, "You may not receive Holy Communion on the hand any longer!" I stopped. I have received on the tongue ever since. So I guess it would be good if we used Churches with reverence for what they were intended, but unfortunately I fear that people don't understand any more what that is. Let us pray for our Catholic people. The call to holiness is universal. God bless you. Susan Fox www.christsfaithfulwitness.com