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Monday, 5 May 2014

A pastoral letter on the evils of pornography by the Bishop of Arlington

Catholics can no longer bury their heads in the sand and try to deny that the cancerous spread of pornography has not invaded their lives. In fact, its evil effects can be seen everywhere. 

Even local (seeming neo-pelagian, given their bitter fruits) parochial Catholic schools are not immune, with graduates succumbing to sexual license, perversion etc. Other graduates, in a more sedate nod to the secular culture, confine themselves to the standard vulgarity (that even a few years ago would cause shock - no more) that is so prevalent. In effect, there is no difference, no counter-cultural push from Catholics to be contrarians vis-a-vis the "pornographic culture" we face. How many parents will continue to be deceived by these fraudulent schools? 

It is against this climate of evil that the Bishop of Arlington, His Excellency Paul Loverde has issued his Pastoral Letter, "Bought with a Price: Everyman's duty to protect himself and his family from a pornographic culture". The entire letter may be read here as a pdf file. I encourage you to spread this pastoral letter far and wide. 

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