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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Carlo Buzzi: Cardinal Kasper would cause "serious harm"

In a letter to Sandro Magister, Carlo Buzzi writes the following reflections on Holy Communion for the "remarried". 


by Carlo Buzziby Carlo Buzzi

Dear Sandro,Here in Bangladesh we teach the catechism and to be clear we say that every sacrament has four elements: the minister, the matter, the formula, the miraculous event.

In baptism the minister is any person, the matter is water, the formula is “I baptize you. . ." and the miraculous event is that one becomes a child of God. In confirmation the minister is the bishop, the matter is oil, the formula is “Be sealed with the gift. . ." and the miraculous event is that one receives the power of the Holy Spirit. In the Eucharist the minister is the priest, the matter is bread and wine, the formula is “This is my body. . ." and the miraculous event is that bread and wine become the body and blood of Jesus.

In marriage the ministers are the spouses themselves, the matter is their bodies and souls, the formula is the promise and the miraculous event is that they become as one person.We teach that the sacrament is called this because it produces a supernatural event that cannot be seen with our eyes but is grandiose and real in the eyes of God.

With regard to marriage, we explain precisely that the miraculous thing is that after the promise before God the two spouses become united in one person as if they had been put together with superglue or fused at a thousand degrees.

Now, if this miraculous reality is taken away from Catholic marriage, what should we put in its place?


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