Since faith is one, it must be professed in all its purity and integrity". Pope Francis/Pope Benedict

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Christians are dying while we are doing what on the Catholic blogs .....?

Recent reports from Syria are very grave. The Christian communities are under severe attack.... the same goes for our brothers and sisters in Africa. Let us take notice of this and try to live Christian lives. Are we? We could begin, by striving to become true Christians and not "political" Christians. 

Am I guilty of the latter? Indeed, I am, and struggle with it: it is human weakness, it is Original sin, it is egotism, narcissism and so on. We are all guilty. Yet, let us realize our weakness and change.... "Rad-trad", "liberal" "modernist".... Stop the name calling.... start changing, start repenting, start being Christian.... Yes, there are strawmen that we can always "beat up". What of it? Will it get us to Heaven? Attack the point, and not the person. Very Chestertonian - and, incidentally, very, very Christian. 

What are we doing? What are we doing on the web? Our our blogs conducive to building up the Faith in some small little way? Are we cause for scandal, detraction, defaming our brother or sister? Are we praying for our "enemies" - should we not wish to see them with us in Heaven? This does not mean that we wink at sin or true scandal: but we oppose sin and scandal to help the sinner. We love the sinner, do we not? 

There has been, and there continues to be much on the blog - by ostensible Catholics - that is not building up the Body of Christ. Question: let us place what we blog before a Syrian brother or a Nigerian sister. Would they be impressed? Would they say: "yes! this is helpful, this will help me in building our little church on sticks.... this will help me is surviving through the night here in Damascus..." 

Catholicism is not a political party with name calling, with labels. It is a devotion to Christ and His Church. 

Get thee behind me satan, and thy fellow "Catholic" bloggers....

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