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Friday, 23 August 2013

BREAKING NEWS FROM SCOTLAND: Did they REALLY stop the sex abuse "investigation" because of Cardinal O'Brien?

The Catholic Herald (amongst others) is carrying a report that the Scottish Bishops conference stopped an audit into abuse cases due to Cardinal O'Brien's lack of support. This, according to retired Archbishop Conti in a letter originally to The Tablet.

Questions arise from all of this. Firstly, O' Brien is due the right to defend himself. We therefore only have Conti's word. And who is this Conti? A friend and protector of Fr. Paul Milarvie - a tragic priest who indulged in a "drunken homosexual incident", and "confinement". This same Milarvie was protected and promoted: he is presently a member of the Curia in Glasgow. So much for Conti concerns about homosexual crimes being committed by priests. 

Now, even if Conti's words are true. Why did it take so long for him to go public? Is he trying to win sympathy? To perhaps scapegoat a man who can no longer defend himself? And besides - each diocese has the power to investigate (for moral and canonical purposes) and turn over to the authorities (for legal purposes) for prosecution, priests and/or bishops who have been abusing older boys and/or young men (and sometimes girls, though these are rare cases). Why this obsession to do everything as a "conference" - though conferences have no canonical authority? Perhaps to absolve oneself of responsibility? 

All of this seems like a PR campaign to win back public support and to create the impression that the Scottish bishops are serious about sexual predators. And why The Tablet? Perhaps to seek a friendly hand in the PR campaign to pretend that something is being done - yet the homosexual "mafia" status quo remains intact?

I ask: what about the horrible crimes at the Carfin Grotto? What about the homosexual "mafia"? What about the persecution of priests who stand up for the truth?! Silence, silence, silence!! 

Be warned: this blog will not be silent. Pray, dear friends, that the Church in Scotland is purified of the horrible scourge of wicked priests and bishops (?) who have violated their holy vow of celibacy. 

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