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Thursday, 1 August 2013

BREAKING NEWS from SCOTLAND: Child abuse, sodomy at Fort Augustus Abbey

Fr. Matthew Despard
It just never seems to end.... more evil coming out of the Church in Scotland. Please pray for my Motherland. 

I knew about this breaking scandal about a week ago from my sources, but felt that it would be better to wait until it was broken by the press. A full report is carried in the Daily Record

I am shocked that the horrifying reports of sexual abuse, rape and violence committed against young people has been leveled at Fort Augustus Abbey. News of monstrous rapes, beatings and sodomy against our young people! Evil and sickening! 

The Record reports that the vile, despicable Jimmy Savile had been not only a regular visitor to the school, but an abuser at the school. The Record also mentions former Cardinal O' Brien as a visitor. Let us hope and pray that this is where it ends; that this man was not involved in other acts of sexual sin. To sin is bad enough; to lie and cover one's sins as a priest and then bishop is adding evil to evil. 

All of this proves - once again - that Fr. Matthew Despard's book, Priesthood in Crisis, is dead on! That there is a major, major crisis enveloping the Catholic Church in Scotland - that, let us call it a sexually deviant mafia - has somehow managed to obtain a stranglehold on the local Church and is seeking to destroy her. 

Screenshot - August 1, 2013
 O'Brien STILL remains on the Motherwell Website
Even with this breaking news, the stranglehold continues: we, on this blog have noted the strange continuation of former Cardinal O' Brien's photo on the Motherwell Diocese website, the continued use of Fr. Paul Milarvie as a member of the Glaswegian Curia. 

Please pray that the authorities in Rome become truly aware as to the degree of the sexual perversity that spreads its filth on the Church in Scotland. 

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Freyr said...

Which one of you guys has actually bought and read Fr. Despard's book? I know I haven't. Perhaps a moratorium on Fr. Despard until someone actually comes forward book in hand with a review? The Daily Record article makes no mention of him.