Sunday, 13 February 2022

CARDINAL COLLINS: When are you going to address civil rights violations in Canada?

Puppet of the State.  SILENT for TWO LONG YEARS

For TWO long years Canadians have suffered under interminable lock downs (which do NOT, and CANNOT work to stop the spread of an aerosol based virus), have suffered the gross indignity of wearing useless cloth and medical masks (which do NOT work, and CANNOT work to stop a virus even when bonded to mucus protein being approx 1 micron), have had their lives, businesses, and families ruined by a virus that CANNOT be stopped, but with which we must come to live with. As we have with the flu, common colds, and other derivative mRNA viruses. 

The proof that these draconian "public health measures" do NOT work is the explosion of omicron amongst the masked, vaccinated. The only truths flip-flop Fauci did say was in early 2020, when in an op-ed he predicted accurately Covid would be no worse than a bad flu season (he would know as the NIH funded the Wuhan lab); as well as going on record that masking doesn't work. Why did he do so? Because the literature said so. He only reversed his position when medicine became very quickly politicized. Medical masks are primarily to create psychological impressions for the public of of cleanliness and sterility, coupled with certain practical uses such as in blocking bodily fluids (such as during surgery). Yes, N95s are more effective, but neither applicable nor practicable on a mass scale, and not needed when faced with a virus that is acting like a live-attenuated vaccine. Besides, there was a deafening silence for over two years on N95s. Masking was, and remains all about visual effects to create terror, fear, mistrust, and "leprocizing" your family, friends. It was never about evidence-based health care. What happened was a perverted and highly organized knowledge "mistranslation" campaign undertaken with Machiavellian cunning and brutality; deliberately so for political ends. 

But EVEN WORSE was the forcing of useless masks on children (which will cause irreparable developmental and psychological harm) who are in no danger of Covid (nor, as has been proven in transmission  to granny), and the brutal lock down of long-term care facilities, depriving the most vulnerable of access to their families; many dying alone from starvation and euthanized. Many physically surviving, but suffering accelerated cognitive decline brought on by prolonged isolation. 



Pathetic coward

As such, Canadians had, and continue to suffer the most outrageous violations of their Charter rights. To add insult to injury, the bishops even one-upped the nauseatingly incompetent and corrupt public health officials (controlled as they are by Big Pharma) by locking us out of our churches; going so far as to become co-conspirators with the State in pushing experimental mRNA vaccines based on gene therapy delivery systems. Of which, no surprise if you actually read the peer-reviewed literature, was doomed to failure. Failure which the drug companies knew well in advance. mRNA viruses by definition mutate; no handle has ever been ever got on the common cold (mRNA) or on the seasonal flu (mRNA). So what made these idiots think they could solve another mRNA virus? Of course they knew it would not! Anyone who read the literature, based on past studies, knew these experimental vaccines would either be a complete failure, or give limited protection for a specific viral strain over a short (6-8 month period).

Against this background of lies and deception by government and corporations, the bishops of Canada have been seen to come firmly down on the side of the government and big business. We should, in a way, rejoice over Covid, as it has smoked out these men: their priorities and loyalties. No, Jesus Christ is but mirage, coffee table talk, an abstraction. He is NOT the living God for these men, supreme over the State! If He were they would not have locked us out, handed over the sacred rites to pagans, denied (and CONTINUE to deny, as they do in Quebec) the Sacraments to the faithful! How wicked is that?

Collins locked us out because he obeys the State before God

Let us now turn to retired OPP Officer Ed Grenier for his thoughts and concerns over the grave abuses placed on us by the State (and I might add encouraged and joined by the corrupt "Gallican" church in Canada). Pray for this man and his fellow officers. They are doing more for Canada then these cowardly, wayward churchmen, who have become appendages of the State.


After you watch Officer Grenier perhaps the horror of the silence and treachery of our bishops will sink in a little deeper. 

The ball is in your court Cardinal Collins (and your fellow bishops).




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Anna said...

Yes- where were and are our ‘holy’ prelates supporting people in the freedom protests? There should have been hundreds of them in attendance - THEY SHOULD OF FIRMED A HOLY HUMAN CHSIN AROUND THE PROTESTERS- ha! There were a handful of good holy priests - what were the rest doing ? - there should have never EVER- been any communist protocols implemented in our churches !!! Cowards is too nice of a word ! I cannot bring myself to step into any ‘church’ with tape, sanitizers, masks and KOC thugs at the door wanting to take your ‘information’ down - will not be part until all is removed in every Catholic Church and the bishops repent of the horror they have inflicted the past two years - and now they beg for donations ???? Asking the same people to whom you refused to give a religious exemption- snd now they are jobless - NO SHAME!! Sit in your filthy palaces and rot there !