Thursday, 4 November 2021

Cardinal Collins and the Bishops have surrendered to the State and abandoned the children


Triumph of Judah Maccabees by Ruebens

As plans move forward the bishops of Canada continue to prostrate themselves before "King Antiochus" and, with their promotion of vaccinating healthy children, allow the spread of "evil in the land" (c.f. Maccabees 1). 

 As has been noted, children have been spared the dangers of COVID. Further, they do NOT spread it. Indeed, the entire LIE to vaccinate them is premised that children are indeed silent super-spreaders, moving about with ease contaminating the 50% plus of the chronically ill (who supposedly already have been vaccinated).  

In this macabre horror show, the bishops of Canada are not only silent, but they are proactive henchmen of "King Antiochus". But it is far worse than just playing with healthy children's health, monstrous as this is. This horror goes to the heart of the bishops of Canada playing the whore, and engaging in an illicit embrace with the State. 

Let him who has ears hear, who has eyes see. These men have even betrayed the little ones into the hands of Moloch.

The Surrender to the godless State was years ago

Wilt thou not be the first to come forward and do the king’s bidding, with the whole world, and the men of Juda everywhere, and what is left of Jerusalem? To be the king’s friend, thou and thy sons with thee, gold and silver and much else for thy reward!  Loud rang the answer of Mattathias: What though king Antiochus have the whole world for his vassals? Obey the edict who will, forsaking the custom his fathers lived by,  both I and son of mine, both I and clansman of mine, will obey the law handed down to us.  Mercy of God! What needs it we should leave his will undone, his claims unhonoured? To deaf ears king Antiochus proclaims the sacrifice; we swerve not from the law’s path, right or left. (1 Maccabees 2: 18-22)


Neofito said...

and francis? where does you leave the francis ???
if he is the No. 1 public enemy...

Father John Matthew Duffy said...

I find it odd that these Canadian bishops who want to vaccinate children against disease are the same bishops who have no interest in protecting innocent children from learning sodomy as a sacrament in the "Catholic" school system.

Barona said...

Neofito. We have only ONE enemy: the Devil and all his pomp and works. We do not consider the Pope our "enemy" but a man to be prayed for.

Barona said...

Thank you Fr. Duffy. Yes, I too have reflected over the past year how our bishops have been so fanatical in enforcing covid mandates (even going beyond what the "authorities" decree), yet are silent on the terrible sin of sodomy. It is a tragic reality that sine his very weak protestation in the Fall of 2019 we have had dead silence from Cardinal Collins even though "LGBT" propaganda is openly taught to even school children. It would seem that vague references to Chesterton in the pulpit is about as far as he dares go. It is a tragic, sad state of affairs to see a once Prince of the Church reduced to a grovelling lackey of the State. I fear that will also be part of his legacy.