Friday, 5 November 2021

Archbishop Lenga speaks about true and false obedience to the Pope and Bishops


Archbishop Lenga, Defender of the Faith

Archbishop Jan Pawel Lenga (Archbishop emeritus of Karaganda, Khazakstan) has been one of the very few voices in the hierarchy who has consistently proclaimed the Gospel in season and out of season. He was one of ONLY five bishops who signed the "40 Fundamentals of Truth". The document has been scrubbed from the internet (also removed from the "conservative" National Catholic Register, no doubt as a result of EWTN's episcopal masters ordering it removed. See here), However we have obtained a copy and will be publishing it in due order. Stay tuned!

Archbishop Lenga accurately predicted the disgraceful response of the world's hierarchy regarding the "NIH-Wuhan" conspiracy to engage in gain-of-function experimentation leading to the SAR-CoV2 coronavirus. With dry humour the saintly Prelate even noting that the bishops in terror of the virus would be in hiding in their mansions, gaining even more weight as they were being fed on bended knee by lay underlings. He tore into these slaves of Caesar for handing over the sacred rites of the Mass to Caesar, allowing the Most Holy Eucharist to be profaned. 

In contrast, he suggested bishops (and priests) were being offered a quick way to heaven by taking the Sacraments to dying faithful and themselves falling fatally ill. Alas, we know the road they decided to take.  Indeed, the new road of unmitigated evil seems to be leading to a two tiered system: I predict that here in the Archdiocese of Toronto we will soon have trotted out a diabolical scheme of "Leper Masses" and "mRNA Masses".  


Mary's Child Mariann said...

Magnificent! Thank you so much. Kazakstan must have the holiest seminaries! Bishop Athanasius Schneider and this Archbishop Emeritus are uniquely proclaiming Truth while gently admonishing those who are most visibly not. Again, thank you. What a different world we would be living in if holy men such as him were Pope, etc.

Anonymous said...

Amazing words…I pray the Holy Virgin to look after him…and send those words to every heart…especially the so-called leaders of the church,, whos3 behaviours are there for all to see..who have rejected the truth…andt therefore Christ Himself…