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Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Video emerges of Justin Trudeau planning to use "hate" and "intolerance" as part of his Election Campaign from seven months ago

Justin Trudeau at the OECTA March AGM, where he revealed the election will be about smearing political opponents as "haters" 

The recent cries of alleged "hate", "intolerance", "divisiveness" etc., that Justin Trudeau and his media sycophants have been pushing during the election campaign was actually planned a long time ago. This is all part of a long-term strategy to sling mud and falsehoods on political opponents to steal an election through lies and deception. 

In March of this year, at the AGM of the Ontario Catholic Teachers' Association (OECTA), Trudeau (before an adoring audience of militant, hard-left activists masquerading as "Catholic teachers") outlined how name-calling and the smearing of others would be at the core of the Liberal Election platform. 

So here we are, seven months later, and with seeming perfect timing, Trudeau and his allies in the shameless, monolithic media (CBC, CTV, and Global) all begin a strident cry of "hate" and "intolerance". Truly disgusting.

There are no coincidences in politics, just carefully laid plans. However, even the best plan can go awry. Videos uploaded to the internet can backfire. 

Watch this video and see this dangerous, divisive narcissist in action. 

Readers may wonder how is it possible for "Catholic" teachers to applaud and support such an open enemy of Christian morality? That disturbing question will be dealt with in another post. 


J Haggerty said...

Justin Trudeau would have been 29-30 years old when his father died in 2000. If Pierre had lived for another decade, Justin would have benefited from his father's counsel.

Justin has a great deal of his mother in him; and this explains his immaturity and exhibitionism.

His mother was young when she married Pierre; and being the wife of an international politician was a strain on a young woman who hadn't said goodbye to her youth. Hence the scandals and her infatuation with the Rolling Stones.
Years ago I read Margaret Trudeau's autobiography just as I have read the autobiographies of Pierre and his successor Jean Chretien.

Justin is a second (or maybe third) generation product of the sexual revolution of the Sixties. Revolutions consume their own children.

Abortion; the decline in Christian worship and marriage; the Pill, divorce, family breakdown, children without fathers; pornography, licentious films and books; the New Left, militant feminism, homosexuality; LSD and cannabis; the growth of the Occult in the writings of Aleister Crowley and Tarot cards; the rise of the cults like Scientology; the emergence of fraudulent Eastern gurus who were welcomed by the post-Conciliar popes; and at the same time, what Os Guinness called 'the striptease of humanism', which has reached its zenith in the New Atheism, with its hostility to faith schools and its contempt for historic Christianity that would have shocked the agnostic Bertrand Russell.

Those in England who understood what was happening were seen as figures of fun; Malcolm Muggeridge and Lord Longford, for instance.

Francis Schaeffer had an acute sense of the immense change that was occurring in postwar America and Europe; and he saw that its roots lay in the rejection of Christian revelation and truth - *true truth* as he called it.
The biography of Schaeffer, *An Authentic Life* (2008) by Colin Duriez is worth reading.

In my last year at a Catholic school in Scotland (1968-69) we studied Pope Paul VI's controversial encyclical.
But soon the word was out that many Catholic theologians were undermining it; and many of the laity were disregarding it.
Coming from a family of six children the encyclical gave me much to ponder.

Now like a mentally disturbed offspring of the counter culture, we have gender ideology being ruthlessly promoted by cynical politicians.

The European Community wants an end to the very concept of male and female.
The Gay Revolution has won and the Church in America has surrendered to it.

Justin Trudeau looks more and more like a prancing puppet trying to negotiate this cultural earthquake to his own political advantage.
The photo-call of his staged visit to St. Peter's in Rome was even more trite than Tony Blair's all too public conversion.

The Vortex - The Serpent's Venom.
Church Militant. 12 March 2018. YouTube.

Like the Hebrew prophets, Mr. Voris calls evil by its name.
Abortion, Planned Parenthood.
Here are the Democrats with their anti-Christ agenda; and the American cardinals and bishops ready to go along with it all like Lenin's *useful idiots*.

J Haggerty said...

*Not a word from their mouth can be trusted ... Their throat is an open grave; with their tongues they tell lies.*

Psalm 5:9