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Thursday, 7 February 2019

The Dangers of an Active Life without an Interior Life: The Final Part

Today, our series comes to an end, and on a positive note.

If yesterday's segment left you down, know that there is hope if you fear your apostolate has begun to serve just your own interests, instead of your salvation. Dom Chautard concluded his observations about the heresy of good works with this bit:
O Jesus, Thou Apostle above all others, did anyone ever spend himself as much as Thou, when Thou didst live among us? Today Thou dost give Thyself more generously still by Thy Eucharistic life, without, for all that, ever leaving the bosom of Thy Father. Would we were unable to forget that Thou dost not want to know our works unless they be animated by a truly supernatural principle; unless they be rooted deep in Thy adorable Heart.
We can imitate Christ, if we resolve to make that our goal with regards to our apostolates.

God did not leave us destitute. 

May we have the fortitude to follow Him and His Sacred Heart.

So ends our series on the dangers of an active life without an interior life.


Phineas said...

This was a great series. Thank you so much for this!

Irenaeus said...

You are most welcome, Phineas!

Barona said...

We see this danger being lived out - sadly - on the internet by Catholics. During the War, Fulton Sheen warned his listeners to not fail in daily prayer. He told them that was the greatest thing they could ever do for the war effort. Are we not at war today? IS prayer not even more important? The then Monsignor was gravely concerned that the peace would be lost. He was correct.