Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Do "Novus Ordo" Catholics even have souls?

"The problem with a number of traditional Catholics; they almost don't believe that Novus Ordo people have souls"
Bishop Richard Williamson  

A few years ago, Bishop Richard Williamson rhetorically asked that very question of so-called "traditionalists". The temptation to phariseeism and gnosticism takes many forms; where an elitism exists, there usually is a form of gnosticism. The Devil never rests, and he knows that he can easily drag into Hell those who may have the "Faith", but lack charity. Pride, the cardinal vice, drives this horrible spiritual disease.

In the following address, Bishop Williamson admonishes the lay faithful to humility, to charity, and to love of fellow Catholics.

Just the other day, I received the following in the combox.  It seems to typify the hatred, the rage, the phariseeism of far too many: 

Anonymous said... 
yeah - no wonder 50s catholicism is so repulsive to you - no sex, drugs, 'n rock'n roll. Really what spirit would lead men to call themselves after insects or inanimate objects like "doors"? Are these bands of angels? Or are these bands of demons and their doors nothing but another entryway into hell? 
Physician heal thyself!

No, I will not presume to dare to sit on the Judgement Seat of Jesus Christ on the state of Jim Morrison's soul, and refer to him as a "demon" (or that of any other man). Did not our Blessed Mother keep encouraging us to pray for sinners? Well, this seems to have been forgotten. Please offer a prayer that Jim repented and is now in Purgatory. 

But this rage is not just against broken souls who did not have the incredible blessing of having Catholic parents. It even extends to the spewing of hatred towards "novus ordo" bishops, such as the recently deceased, saintly, Bishop Robert Morlino. Bishop Morlino, was much maligned, but those who follow Jesus Christ, usually are. May the holy Bishop be in Heaven by this Christmas. Please pray for his noble and holy soul. 

Vox Cantoris, reports on various, self-appointed (lay of course - just where do they get their "authority"?) Catholics all lashing out at each other, each eager to expose the next heretic. 

This is what we have come to: those who are not part of a given Pharisaical sect, are thrown out as mere rubbish. What is completely forgotten is that Jesus Christ came for sinners. 

Please pray for these deluded souls. And please offer up a prayer for the souls in Purgatory and for sinners (myself included). Finally, please pray for the Pope. It is only when we are confirmed in the Faith, that we will have healing.  Until then, we need to get to Mass, to pray, and to avoid any of these spiritual poisons that the devil is spreading to destroy, confuse and lead souls to Hell. 


Anonymous said...

love this. thanks. it is sorely needed among these thousands of self-appointed Pontiffs.

Irenaeus said...

Thank you, Barona. I couldn't agree more. Will you be posting bits and pieces from Ascent of Mount Carmel on here?

Barona said...

Indeed, I will, Irenaeus.

Unknown said...

Jesus also frequently pointed out errors, he was also driven away for stating the truth.

Which category do traditional catholics fall into? Pope St. Pius X said that it is inappropriate for bands to play in Church's. How many Church's in Toronto would that statement offend if voiced?

I don't think it's all that clear to me who are the outcasts and who are the Pharisees.

Barona said...

My friend, anonymous 21:09, the band was playing on a TV show in 1968, not in a church.

Unknown said...

My friend, Barona, he said it in Tra le sollecitudini in 1903.

Barona said...

My friend, anonymous 22:16. I understand. You may know that on this blog, we have on a number of occasions brought attention to secular performances in churches, including St. Michael's.

As to your original question: Catholics, all Catholics should strive for holiness, for charity, because that is the way to Heaven. Then, we are, by the Grace of God, living the doctrine. Jesus did indeed point out error, but to save souls.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this article. I'm a supporter of Bp. Williamson and the other three resistance bishops. Bp. Williamson is far more charitable in his stance toward other Catholics than he is given credit for. May we follow his lead with humility and patience for those who do not understand the Crisis and why charity is important.


Unknown said...

Sorry friend, but you're not answering the question.

It would help if you looked up the encyclical and read the relevant sections.

19. The employment of the piano is forbidden in church, as is also that of noisy or frivolous instruments such as drums, cymbals, bells and the like.

20. It is strictly forbidden to have bands play in church, and only in special cases with the consent of the Ordinary will it be permissible to admit wind instruments, limited in number, judiciously used, and proportioned to the size of the placeprovided the composition and accompaniment be written in grave and suitable style, and conform in all respects to that proper to the organ.

So not only is he against bands, but also piano's, drums, cymbals, bells, and the like.

Safe to say every "youth Mass," every folk Mass, and other Church's that employ modern styles of music would not make the pass under Pope Pius X. That was only 100 years ago, God certainly hasn't changed since then, and the concept of truth and reverence hasn't either.

The point is that the Novus Ordo has been driving people out since it's inception. Trads are the ones who had to leave their Church's to have the liturgy of their patrimony said, and often in rented hotel rooms.

The mainstream Novus Ordo has no basis to claim persecution. It has not been disadvantaged by trads, nor is your freedom limited in any way to have rock band modern Mass's, I've never seen trads organize and protest outside Novus Ordo Church's. The idea that only trads are uncharitable is nonsense, they were after all driven out by those in the Novus Ordo because they would not go along with the novelties and other changes.

John Haggerty said...

See YouTube:

The Prophecies of Blessed Ann Catherine Emmerich: We Were Warned.

Barona said...

My friend I understand your mention about the use of instruments in church. I am also aware that Pius X also banned the reduction of Mass to a classical concert.

I am also aware of Catholics wishing to adhere to the traditional rite being persecuted. My point, and Bp. Williamson's point is, not to fall into lack of charity towards those who attend the New Mass. I think Bp. Williamson, having traveled extensively, spoken with thousands, having heard confessions for decades is in an excellent position to determine if this problem exists. I, for my part, have seen it on social media.