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Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Bishop Robert Morlino's loving heart for those who hate Christ

St. Paul confronted the forces of darkness in the ancient world. Without knowledge of the True God, man turns to debauchery. St. Paul wrote of  godlessness as the root cause of sexual perversion; be it in Rome or Thessalonica. In the modern world, the explosion of sexual immorality has the exact same cause. In a word, modern man, is godless. Thus, he turns to the demonic. 

Pope Leo XIII once write that those who had the Truth and threw it away have succumbed to a form of spiritual madness. That t hey were even worse than the pagans of old. Only a madman would throw the Truth away. We have gone mad. 

Witness presents to viewers, Bishop Robert Morlino lovingly praying for even the worst haters of Our Lord. Perhaps one, two of these poor, sad people were converted  after seeing the Bishop's Witness? 

Please pray for the repose of the holy, noble soul of Bishop Morlino. We have reason to believe he may well be in Paradise. Those prayers will not go to waste. God knows how best to dispose of our prayers. 

Let us pray for the conversion of those deluded, maddened souls. Bishop Morlino could expect from a Catholic nothing less. 

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