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Thursday, 13 December 2018

Catholic "Counter Revolutionaries" ~ a Musical Tribute!

Music soothes the savage soul; it can even soothe the soul of the "counter revolutionary", who really is an evolutionary, liberal protestant at heart. No Pope (except when it suits them), no Mass (unless it is the Mass they like), no Church (unless it is the "church" of their liking). 

What musical tribute is fitting? I originally thought of The Beatles' "Revolution". However, I have settled on a more subtle tribute by The Doors, "Touch Me". 

One might ask the counter-revolutionary: "what was that promise that you made"?

"Can't you see, that I am not afraid"!!

Friends, why this particular tribute? Simply because returning to the 50s, will take us straight back to the 60s. 

Perhaps, after viewing this video, our dear counter-revolutionaries may be more inclined to Birtwhistle's, Panic


Anonymous said...

yeah - no wonder 50s catholicism is so repulsive to you - no sex, drugs, 'n rock'n roll. Really what spirit would lead men to call themselves after insects or inanimate objects like "doors"? Are these bands of angels? Or are these bands of demons and their doors nothing but another entryway into hell?

Physician heal thyself!

Barona said...

Anonymous 9:46. You could not have proven my case more perfectly. Thank-you.

John Haggerty said...

I am puzzled by your choice of this Jim Morrison track, Barona.
Although born in 1951 I never felt part of the Woodstock generation, much preferring jazz.
Yet I do not think I would randomly choose, say, an Oscar Peterson track (and Peterson deserves a place in the Canadian hall of fame) to illustrate a point about Catholicism.

The 'love' that Morrison is singing of here is a long way from the love Jesus Christ has for souls.
Pagans love to speak about love, but never of damnation.
I am reminded of the gathering of Protestant clerics who were praising George Harrison's song My Sweet Lord.
Francis Schaeffer stood up and said, 'Harrison's lord is NOT the Lord of Holy Scripture.'

Morrison like so many rock stars was steeped in the occult; he played around with the occult symbol known as the eye of Horus; declaring himself fascinated by Crowley.
See on the Internet a blog titled Tricked By The Light, Jim Morrison and the Doors.

Liberal wishy-washy Christians that I know are fascinated by the writings of William Blake and Carl Jung.
They are impatient when I reminded them that Blake, though possessed of genius, was very heretical and is now seen as a prophet of the New Age. While Jung was steeped in Gnosticism, spiritualism and magic.

'This is a faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptation, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners.'
1 Timothy 1:15

Barona said...

I know where the Doors were coming from John. My point was simple: if we go back to the 40s and 50s, we will end right back in the 60s (e.g. Jim Morrison et al). In fact, since the world has moved on now - and we have lost the "culture wars" big time - Jim Morrison is now considered "conservative". We have teenage girls, promoting far greater sin than Morrision ever dreamt of, sin, being pushed on pre-pubescent girls (with mothers taking such children to these "concerts").

We are called to be counter cultural, as the Church was in Roman times.