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Thursday, 19 July 2018

Cardinal McCarrick was protected by HOMOSEXUALS in the AMERICAN HIERARCHY!

"Fr" McCarrick with one of his abuse victims

Theodore "Cardinal" McCarrick is an evil, diabolical man. 

He is a child molester. 

He is a vicious, sexual pervert. 

He was KNOWN as a vicious, sexual pervert and predator. 

He was PROTECTED by VERY powerful members of the PRESENT American  Hierarchy. 

At this time I will say no, but be assured friends, Catholics (seminarians, priests and the laity) in the Archdioceses of New York and Washington know what I mean. I have been told on very good, reliable authority. 

Watch and pray. There are very, very powerful active homosexuals in the US Hierarchy. They were and are covering for vicious, evil men who preyed on boys, teenagers and seminarians. These men are EVIL and servants of the devil.

Theodore McCarrick should be tried and if found guilty, hanged. 

The men who enabled him, covered for him, should be tried and if found guilty, hanged. 


Anonymous said...

What about all those who've been promoted because they serviced/pimped/sodomized w/him (the 'gay lobby')? What about Farrell, Tobin, Cupich? What about every priest/ bishop he ever came in contact w/? Flock refuses to face what was published by Fr. Rueda, O'Connor & those who wrote on the seminaries ("Goodbye Good Men" plus at least one other): the entire priesthood is compromised. They all know, they're all either covering or participating and they're all bad (Hello! Bad Men).

TLM said...

Everyone KNEW of this perverted sodomite. His evil was no secret...well it was an 'open' secret if you want to define it. They paid off several seminarians behind closed doors and STILL kept this man active in the Church. That tells me that many if not most of them are perverted sodomite pedophiles. This situation gives the word 'disgusting' a whole new meaning.

Kathleen1031 said...

It's so bad it is becoming more appealing to think of the Church going up in flames than continuing, that's how bad it is. They can all go to Hell.

Everyday For Life Canada said...

It’s no surprise then why the Catholic Church in Canada has been silent on radical sex “education” programs entering the nation’s classrooms to corrupt children’s souls. We need to pray for the victims of these sexual predators disguised in priestly garb.

Kathleen1031 said...

I think we've turned a corner, I really do. To see a photo like this, knowing this "priest" was sexually corrupting this poor young man, who would go on to a lifetime of alcoholism, drug use, and crime. His siblings became productive members of society and were at a loss to know why he didn't. Now they know. A man who represented God, who stood in persona Christi, had sexually molested him and was engaging him in disordered sex acts. This devastating abuse tears a boy apart, causing such confusion and pain. It is hellish, and there this pervert stands, with his arm around his "love", his victim. It is so repugnant as to make one wish to jump into the photo and do anything to protect that young man.
Dear God, please help vulnerable boys and young men, Satan has designs on them and many have no one to protect them! Rid us of these monsters in our midsts!