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Thursday, 4 May 2017

The homosexual infiltration of the Catholic Church ~ homosexual priests are a cancer on the Mystical Body of Christ

Homosexual ex-priest, Gregory Baum  

The homosexual infiltration into the Catholic Church has been going on for decades. Already in the 1950s seminary rectors were expelling homosexuals. However, the Church was lax, hankering to be "modern", heresy and dissent were being subtly promoted, the laity were lusting for contraception.... Everything was perfect for a massive homosexual move into the priesthood.

Estimates vary, but most scholars suggest the number in "western" countries could be anywhere between 50-70 %.

The homosexual infiltration is so insidious that there is no sure way to identify homo priests. It was once thought that they stayed strictly within the "modernist" movement. Sadly, we know that though the number is far less, homosexuals have not been idle in infiltrating "traditionalist" movements as well. 

Beyond this, perhaps most dangerous of all, we have homophile cardinals, bishops and priests. Perhaps not homosexuals themselves, but believers in homosexuality being nothing but an alternate lifestyle, that the Sacred Scriptures are wrong, that "gays" love each other etc. 

The scandal of a number of American bishops writing homophile offerings when the homosexual nightclub in Florida was attacked is indicative and an example of the depth of homosexual infiltration. Very tellingly, a number of "conservative" bishops came "out" as homophiles. 

On May 3rd, 2017, the dissident New Ways Ministry provided a glowing report on Greogry Baum's career as a homosexual infiltrator. 

Francis DeBernardo writes: 
But the first defense of same-sex relationships by a Catholic theologian actually was made two years earlier by Gregory Baum, an ethicist from Canada.  In an article in the February 15, 1974 issue of Commonweal, Baum wrote an article entitled “Catholic Homosexuals” in which he defended the ethical status of same-sex relationships.
Further on DeBernardo quotes Baum from his autobiography: 

Because homosexuals are largely invisible in society, their prophetic vocation will have a cultural impact and support the struggle for human emancipation.
Baum - a convert from Judaism - is arguably the most destructive force ever in the Catholic Church in Canada. Baum played a major role in dissent against Humanae Vitae. The Canadian Bishops' statement, the Winnipeg Statement soon made its way into various hierarchies around the world, helping tens of millions of Catholics to made the jump into apostasy with seemingly painless ease. Follow one's conscience; do as thou wilt. It all sounds too familiar... the original siren call of Satan.

Indeed, Baum's destructive influence went far beyond Canada; even to Rome, even into the very documents of the Second Vatican Council. How do you feel, dear reader, that the drafter of Nostra Aetate, was a practising homosexual? Are we naive to believe that Baum was the only practicing homosexual at the Council? Are we naive enough to believe that he was the only homosexual who was penning Council documents? What of the post-Conciliar "reforms"? Just how many homosexuals - literally hell bent on corrupting the Faith - played a role in contriving and with totalitarian malice, enforcing "reforms" on faithful priests and laity? 

But all was not lost. There were a few brave souls who stood up to the homosexual juggernaut. Fr. John O'Connor. O.P, was such man. After he exposed the massive homosexual takeover of his Dominican Province in the United States, he was suspended, then finally expelled from the Dominicans. Fr. O'Connor was mocked in his day, but he is not mocked today. We can say that as more and more homosexual infiltrators are exposed in the priesthood, Fr. O'Connor's assessment was spot on.

The scandalous behaviour of a number of churchmen at the last Synod on the Family in Rome, in favour of homosexuality was another indicator of the degree and power of homosexuals and homophile churchmen. We heard calls at that Synod for allowing practicing homosexuals to receive Holy Communion, for the Church to change Her language regarding the sinfulness of homosexual acts. The obsession with homosexuality was so obvious. 

Homosexual infiltration is now so powerful that even Catholic schools are now homophile institutions. It is not only at once Catholic Universities (such as St. Michael's in Toronto, or Notre Dame in the USA that you will see the notorious Rainbow of homosexual "liberation"), but even in Catholic schools amongst youth and even children.

Ontario Catholic School Teachers officially
marching in the Toronto "Gay Pride Parade". 

For example, in Toronto, Catholic school teachers march openly in the "Gay Pride Parade", whilst the schools display with "pride" the Rainbow flag. What does it tell young children who walk the corridors of these schools? It tells them that "gay is good", that homosexual behaviour is just an "alternative lifestyle", that perverted sexual acts are good and holy. All of this is done in full public view,  presumably with the approval of the Archdiocese of Toronto, as these deviant teachers are not in any way sanctioned by the Catholic authorities. 

So evil are homosexual acts that St. John Chrysostom described sodomy as "hell appearing before its time". Whom do you choose as your guide? St. John or Gregory Baum? 


Isten Joe said...

Baum is a sad, sad case. We should pray for him. Whether or not he will be open to the grace to repent of the damage he has caused remains to be seen. Baum, De Roo, Mary Jo Leddy - they all will have much to answer for.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for finally writing about >"The homosexual infiltration of the Catholic Church ~ homosexual priests are a cancer on the Mystical Body of Christ" <Liked it!