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Monday, 20 February 2017

OUTRAGE! The website "Traditio" puts up photo of Mgr Foy claiming he is homosexual Gregory Baum

The lying Traditio website has done it again. This sedevacantist website - run by the "fathers" - who are  quick to denounce sin seem to have no problem sinning themselves - by putting up a photo of the holy Monsignor Vincent Foy and claiming it is the face of the evil, homosexual Gregory Baum. What is even more vile, is that Mgr Foy has devoted his life to fighting the very evils that Baum has devoted his life to promoting. 

Catholics, demand this evil website apologise for this calumny. 


Vox Cantoris said...

Gosh, they even call him a "newmonsignor." What, Pius XII was illegitimate too?

I've written them ...

Anonymous said...

i'll demand the vatican apologize for the calumny of evil homosexual greg baum!

Marcellina said...

Traditio may believe what they wish but calumny is a grievous sin no matter what. Contacting Traditio ! Thank you Barona!