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Friday, 2 December 2016

Fr. Matthew Despard: Will the persecution by the Hierarchy result in his parents losing their home?

Fr. Matthew Despard

Fr. Matthew Despard, the Catholic priest who blew the whistle on the on-going homosexual "mafia" in the Catholic priesthood continues to suffer at the hands of the brutal hierarchy of Scotland. 

Unfortunately, Fr. Despard's attempts to expose the evil doers did not go well with the "men" who run the Catholic Church in Scotland. Fr. Despard's book, "Priesthood in Crisis", was greeted with derision, threats of legal action - instead of calm, meticulous rebuttal. 

Montfort, who has written on this blog on a number of occasions about Fr. Despard and the general spiritual crisis in Scotland, hails from Fr. Despard's Diocese of Motherwell,  Thus, what is happening to Fr. Despard and Scotland is of great interest to us. 

The latest news from the Diocese of Motherwell is that the sadistic persecution of Fr. Despard may now result in his parents ending up homeless. From the Motherwell TImes: 

Supporters of the priest say his parents, Dickie and Cathie, could be forced out of the North Motherwell home they have lived in for many years if the latest court action brought against him is successful. 

They are angry that Bishop Joseph Toal, Bishop of Motherwell, is due to visit St Bernadette’s Church, where the couple are well-respected parishioners, on Sunday, just a day before the legal action is raised at Hamilton Sheriff Court. 

Fr Despard was parish priest at St John Ogilvie’s in High Blantyre when he was suspended from duties in 2013. Last year he was forced to leave the parish house there after losing a court action brought by Motherwell Diocese. 

However, a church ruling that he had made damaging accusations against priests and lay people in his book was overturned by a court in Rome, and a support group is calling for his re-instatement as parish priest in High Blantyre. 

The latest court action is said to be to recover previous legal costs. The house in question, a former council property, is in Fr Despard’s name.

But the vile hounding of Fr. Despard only reflects one side of the homosexual crisis. On the one hand, those who expose the evil are driven out; while those engaging in the evil are pandered to and promoted.  This reality is reflected in the fact that a certain  Fr. Paul Milarvie was not expelled from the priesthood after being involved in a homosexual incident. No, this pervert was promoted into the Diocesan curia of Glasgow. Such is the concern with maintaining the sacredness of the priesthood by the evil malefactors who seemed to have seized control of the Church in that suffering nation. 

How can this go on? How can such men be so cruel and vicious? What drives their hatred, their lust for inflicting pain and harm on others? 

 Are they Satanists? Are they members of the occult? Do they belong to the Freemasons?

How is it that these men are not driven from their Sees, with their lackeys with them? 

Are they themselves homosexuals? Are they practicing this demonic vice? Are they being blackmailed? Are they covering up even greater crimes by homosexual clergy? 

Catholics need to know just who these people are. Questions, many question remain unanswered. 

Our Lord admonished us: judge everything by its fruits. The fruits of the Church in Scotland are bitter and poisonous.

Homosexual "Fr" Paul Milarvie on the Glaswegian Curia


bvs said...

We need a good fund me campaign for Fr. Despard

XXXXXXX said...

Is there anything we can do to help Fr. Despard and his parents, besides prayer?

~M. Campbell Ray