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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Pope Francis and Vulgarity: have "Traditionalists" repented and changed their minds about the sinfulness of filthy language?

Holy Father: how could you? You are the successor of Peter!
When this blog raised the issue of Catholics using filthy language - especially in public, and known as Catholics - we were roundly condemned - with a few exceptions. Most showed that the spiritual disease of moral relativism, had to one degree or another, sunk into their soul.  

It is somewhat quaint that Pope Francis' vulgarity is being denounced by prior apologists for scatology. One cannot have it both ways: either the use of vulgar language, obscene language is a sin or it is not. Who uses it is irrelevant. 

Obviously, the use of vulgarity by the Supreme Pontiff causes greater scandal, more distress amongst the Faithful, than  itinerant bloggers and the like. The Supreme Pontiff should be at a much higher spiritual level than the Faithful; he should lead by example - as Pope Benedict always did - showing us what a truly refined Catholic soul should be. Vulgarity and obscene talk reflects a sick and depraved society. Enough of this! 

His Holiness with Her Majesty 
Vulgarity in speech reflects the mind. It reflects a deviant mind, a soul that is disturbed .It is even worse in women. Women are to use the Blessed Virgin as a role model and one can hardly imagine Her using vulgar, filthy and obscene language: so why do they? Think about it. Ask yourself: would you use such language before Her or Her Son? Would you use such language before the Blessed Sacrament? 

Let men too, not think they are excused for using filthy language. Christ gave them a tongue - as He did to women - to glorify God and not to use vulgar, filthy, obscene words. 

What the Holy Father did was sinful, idiotic, truly disgraceful and humiliating to the Church. One seriously wonders if this man has mental health issues. 

To conclude: let him or her who does not use filthy language, cast the first stone at Pope Francis. 

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Anna said...

Thanks. That's right. One cannot have both ways.