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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Modernist Scottish hierarchy caught out pandering to the separatists

Damian Thompson carries a very disturbing article that exposes the Scottish bishops as supporting the separatist movement in Scotland. I consider this a shameless attempt to manipulate mainly simple, working class people; predominantly Irish immigrants in the direction of a vacuous separation that would play into the hands of the enemies of Britain on the Continent and elsewhere. It took years for Catholics to convince their ignorant protestant neighbours that they were not traitors - yet, here we have it in black and white - vile bishops throwing in with the treacherous SNP. 

But I say: Rule Britannia! 

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Freyr said...

There may well be an out for these poor souls. Rumor has it that the Norwegians found the pawn ticket for the Shetland Islands and will soon reclaim their property. Long live Harald V of Norway!