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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Buchanan is right: the US is an ISIS enabler

Pat Buchanan, the maverick political thinker, has these reflections on US policy in the Middle East vis-a-vis ISIS. He further predicts that the misguided invasion of Iraq will be seen by historians as the turning point in the eventual collapse of the United States as a major superpower. He is correct. That invasion and its aftermath just (to paraphrase Hitler) kicked the door down and the whole rotten edifice began to collapse. In a sense, Bid Laden is having the last laugh from the grave. 

The decisions that determined the fate of the great nations and empires that failed to survive the 20th century are well known.

For the Kaiser’s Germany, it was the “blank cheque” to Austria after Sarajevo. For Great Britain, the 1939 war guarantee to Poland. For the Third Reich, it was the June 1941 invasion of Russia. For the Empire of the Sun, the decision to attack Pearl Harbor.

And for the Soviet Empire, it was the invasion of Afghanistan. As for the United States, historians may one day concur with the late Gen. Bill Odom. For the lone superpower to survive that century, the decision to invade and occupy Iraq was the most disastrous blunder in its history....

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