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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Stop the Insanity!

I am a member of an organization that wantonly and with premeditation engages in activities that would result in being incarcerated for a psychiatric assessment in some parts of this country. I am, of course, talking about the St. Vincent de Paul Society and the activity is giving away money in the form of grocery vouchers to complete strangers. To be fair, I had no idea I was engaging in such a dangerous and subversive activity. That was before I read the following...

Halifax man lands in psychiatric ward after handing out money to strangers

All last week, Halifax was roiled by sightings of a “mystery man” roaming the city and handing out money to strangers.
The sums were large: $100, $50 bills and an assortment of silver coins. The recipients were picked seemingly at random: workers taking a smoke break, passengers on a bus or even a couple sitting on their porch.
Reportedly dressed in patched pants and a wool jacket, the man would tell people he lived in the woods. Sometimes he would point skywards and tell them to thank God, other times he would hint he was the vanguard of a movement to “take back the wealth.”
“I think he did a good job for mankind,” said a clerk at Citadel Coins, one of the Halifax coin shops where the man had come to stock up.
On Monday, Haligonians finally learned the identity of their enigmatic benefactor: Richard Wright, a P.E.I. man who had barely returned home to Charlottetown before he was apprehended by local mental-health authorities.
This sort of behavior constitutes "a substantial disorder of thought, mood, perception, orientation or memory that seriously impairs judgment, behavior, capacity to recognize reality or ability to meet the ordinary demands of life" so I should turn myself in.  Don't wait for the rush... place a few large bills in your parish poor box and then report to your local police station for psychiatric evaluation.


Barona said...

Reality is always stranger than fiction. And, let us not forget, Our Blessed Lord too was called a "madman". Calling sane prophets "mad" is a convenient, effective manner by those unable to withstand the challenge to confront the realities of life.

Yes, according to the world, the activities of the Society is "madness'; the Gospels, etc. are all madness.

The arrest of this fellow should really come as no surprise form a truly insane society, whose government and assorted elites tell us that two men can get "married".

Lawrence and Susan Fox said...

HA HA. You have to lock me up too. Worse I include a blessed picture of Jesus Divine Mercy with my contributions to the homeless on the corner. Actually, the homeless at the freeway exit. I got to stop jeopardizing their lives by hanging my arm out the window from the second lane over. (Can't you see the headlines: Woman kills homeless man by handing out money at freeway exit two lanes over!)But they are usually more thrilled with the picture than the money anyway. One time I gave a Rosary with money and the man took it back to his lady friend on the freeway exit corner. And she ignored the money and received the Rosary with great joy and excitement. God bless you and our friends at the freeway exits. Susan Fox