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Thursday, 13 March 2014

Is the evil specter of Stalin still haunting Russia and the Crimea?

Joseph Stalin, that tyrannical murderer who made Adolph Hitler look like a choirboy, still has his apologists and admirers. It is deeply disturbing to see images of this fiend being carried about in the Crimea; to see the loathsome red flag of communism being carried and held aloft. Let me make my position clear: I oppose the hard communism of Lenin-Stalin, as well as the "soft, white gloves" variety as practiced by the increasingly secular and anti-Christian EU; Canada and the USA. 

Russian Television has made much recently of "fascists" in Kiev. Yes, it is deeply disturbing to see admirers of Bandera; but it is even more so to see admirers of Stalin and Lenin. If we are going to denounce totalitarian killers: they all must be denounced. Sadly, there are those in Russia, the Ukraine and White Russia who refuse to come to grips with the monster of iniquity that Stalin and his gang were. 

Just one example of Stalin's brutality was the Katyn Massacres. 

From PBS: 

Partners in crime
"On March 5, 1940, Stalin and other high-ranking Politburo members signed a document condemning nearly 22,000 imprisoned Poles to death. Those being held at three camps, Ostashkov, Starobelsk, and Kozelsk (a camp near Smolensk), mostly Polish officers and other members of the Polish elite, were transferred and disappeared during the months of April and May 1940. These people, who Stalin had decided were “hardened and uncompromising enemies of Soviet authority,” were brutally murdered by the NKVD under Stalin’s direct authority".

Communists marching in the Crimea

Soviet veteran and others holding an image of their hero

A Crimean holding aloft a communist flag, Lenin "icon" before a statue of the odious Lenin

Communists carrying Ukrainian and Soviet flags in the Crimea

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