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Friday, 21 March 2014

Austrian Catholic MEP, Ewald Stadler, speaks out on Ukraine, Crimea and US-EU war-mongering

The Austrian Member of European Parliament, Ewald Stadler, (also a practicing "traditionalist" Catholic) has given a wide ranging interview with Sophie Schevernadze of Russia Today television. Herr Stadler makes it clear that American neo-con Russophobes (I would emphasize Othodoxy "phobes") dominant a number of countries in Europe (e.g. Germany), manipulating them to do their "master's'" will etc. 

What is becoming quite evident, is that the "news" being reported in the regular media is full of falsehoods. Watch, listen and learn. 

Also, an earlier interview from late last year with Pat Buchanan is very, very revealing. 

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Lawrence and Susan Fox said...

I agree with Pat Buchanan. The U.S. has no business in the Ukraine. But poor Ukraine they are between the ocean and the deep blue sea. Neither EU nor Russia are good choices. EU has lost all sense of moral values. Russia is still a big bully. Too bad there isn't a third way. If the U.S. had not withdrawn its missile shield from that area, Ukraine perhaps would have had the freedom to chose neither one. God bless you. Susan Fox