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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Vladimir Putin: The Olympics of a Tsar

The following video of Vladimir Putin may have its funny moments, but one scene is deeply disturbing and manifests the subservience of the Russian Orothdox Church to the Russian strongman. It is scandalous that a prelate would genuflect and kiss Putin's hand. Please pray that this caesaropapism may become a thing of the past. 


The Native Canadian said...

I don't know, what if our leaders would behave this way instead of acting as if they are from another planet or are special and deserve to be the "elite".We have to look at Russia before Putin, it was not pretty, hunger, crime, tearfull elders, children and drugs...i say let them evolve on their own time, we have no right to tell them, "our way is better". Because if we look at "our way", we are not doing so good.As for the church and Putin, I think they are using each other, the church in Russia is as powerfull as Putin. We can see Putin did not agree or like the idea of his hand been kissed.

Lawrence and Susan Fox said...

Yes Putin didn't agree to the hand kissing, but gag me, he's actually cute! You have to stop tempting old ladies like me. Cover his chest! Thank God I don't have to see Barack Obama like that! Susan Fox