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Sunday, 5 January 2014

BREAKING NEWS: Scottish Crisis - Bishop Joseph Toal now attacks Fr. Matthew Despard

Carfin Grotto; site of homosexual rape committed by priests
Fr. Matthew Despard is now under direct attack from the Apostolic Administrator to the Diocese of Motherwell, Bishop Joseph Toal. The Herald of Scotland reports the bishop saying: "Father Despard finds it difficult to accept this and indeed questions my authority to take any action in his regard. I have tried to carry out the responsibilities given to me, and continue to ask Father Despard to do what I have requested...."

What does this mean? Are we to believe that Fr. Despard has somehow returned into the pulpit of St. John Ogilvie's? Perhaps he is saying public Mass? From our contacts there is no evidence that Fr. Despard is attacking the bishop publicly. The situation boggles the mind. Perhaps this attack on Fr. Despard is really to throw people off the track: after all Toal admits that further abuse cases "may well arise". 

Fr. Despard is nothing but a diversionary sideshow. We are dealing with a corrupt local church. We are dealing with decades of cover-up: sex abuse, and priests (bishops?) indulging in homosexual acts. The outrageous case of "Fr". Paul Milarvie should be well known by now. A priest caught out in homosexual activity kept in active ministry and promoted into the local diocesan Curia in Glasgow. Outrageous. Where is the indignation of the bishops? Where are the bishops when Fr. Patrick Lawson is persecuted?

We have yet to hear from one bishop ascending into the pulpit, to issue statements denouncing pervert priests, practicing homosexual priests... I should backtrack: we have heard from Bishop emeritus Joseph Devine, denounce sex abuse victim  Pat McEwan  as a "fantasist" for going public on the abominable homosexual abuse suffered at the sacred Grotto of Carfin. 

As Montfort has written numerous times: we, at Witness will not remain silent in the face of this horror. We will denounce the evil festering in the church of his youth. May God be praised and His enemies scattered! 

St. Margaret of Scotland and St. John Ogilive pray for us!

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