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Sunday, 5 January 2014

Obama versus the Little Sisters of the Poor

I have commented on the insidious rise of fascism a number of times. The NY Post carries a frightening article outlining the totalitarian behaviour of the Obama Regime. Don't forget that fascists claims that the State animates not only the political and social life of the nation, but also the moral and spiritual. 

Though he’s had plenty of opportunities to compromise on his overreaching contraceptive mandate, President Obama has defiantly refused them all. Now he’s fighting a group of nuns in US Supreme Court.
The nuns are the Little Sisters of the Poor, and they run nursing homes for the elderly. The Little Sisters argue they should not be forced to offer coverage that violates their religious convictions.
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Lawrence and Susan Fox said...

Obama is persecuting the Little Sisters of the Poor. He's persecuting every Roman Catholic and every person of upright conscience in the United States. So why are the mothers dropping off their kids at Catholic School still sporting Obama stickers on their cars? Why is the Conference of Catholic Bishops still in favor of Obama "Care?" though they oppose the little regs mandating abortion and contraception coverage. What about the meat of the evil bill which is euthanasia? It's time to change course U.S. Catholics and end the madness. Or things are going to get much worse. God bless you. Susan Fox