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Monday, 30 December 2013

Vladimir Putin's genocidal persecution of Chechnya is the cause of terrorism

Let me make one thing clear. I oppose violence. What happened in Volgograd was evil. It remains yet to be determined if the events on the ground evolved the way the Russian State controlled media presents them; including the Kremlin pay-rolled propaganda mouthpiece, RT. Do not forget the "Chechen" bombing in Moscow was used by the villainous Vladimir Putin as a pretext for genocidal war against Chechnya. [Putin's Hidden War - video]

Russia has no business in the Caucuses, no business in Chechnya. The two Chechen Wars - including typical Red Army brutality (e.g. mass murder of women and children) - needs to be exposed. Decades ago- even with Russian occupation - Chechens were peace loving peoples; persecuted. Does anyone remember or even care about the 1944 Stalinist deportations. Does anyone know or remember how Chechens helped starving Ukrainians during the grim, dark days of the 1930s? 

The sad reality of Islamist infiltration into the Caucuses, with terrorism needs to be seen against the backdrop of a nation occupied, demonized, exploited. It needs to be seen against the backdrop of the Soviet Union's invasion of Afghanistan. One should not be surprised to see young men willing to blow themselves up in the process of killing Russians. Remember, these same young men come from decimated families: mothers, sisters, children raped, tortured, blown up in pits with hand grenades. 

May God grant eternal rest to those who died so horribly over the past few days. May God grant Chechnya freedom. 

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