Thursday, 5 December 2013

News Flash: The new Archbishop of Portland is a communist

By now, readers are well aware that, following Leo XIII and Pius XI, Pope Francis has succumbed to the seductive lure of communism. Some zealous bloggers and journalists have zealously denounced the Pope's new Apostolic Exhortation, whilst (e.g.) praising the appointment of Archbishop Alexander Sample as the new Ordinary of Portland. Yet, in a brief review of the Archbishop's former diocese, Marquette, the website contains a plethora of communist and communistic documents. 

This man supports the vile, communist ravings of the present Supreme Pontiff and his predecessors! Do not be fooled by pious sermons! Down with Archbishop Sample. Down with communism and their clerical sympathizers!!!

The documents in question may be viewed here. 


Freyr said...

The following might shed light on accusations of liberation theology.
And just in case anyone actually listens to Rush Limbaugh.

Barona said...

The eminent thinker and protestant theologian adds further credibility....